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Zero Fatalites Ambassador Workshops

Contributed by Kyle Kubovchik

As Zero Fatalities grows in Nevada, more schools, local law enforcement agencies and community and business leaders have asked how they can get involved. They got the chance on May 1st in Reno and May 2nd in Las Vegas, during two Zero Fatalities Ambassador Workshops.

Attendees from law enforcement, engineering, emergency services, and education shared successful strategies, heard victim stories, and even conducted media training. The goal of the workshop was to create Zero Fatalities ambassadors who can become part of the Zero Fatalities movement, spreading these key messages in their communities and at their agencies:

  • Don’t drive impaired
  • Always buckle up
  • Focus on the road
  • Stop on red
  • Be pedestrian safe

It’s all about coming together to save lives, and Zero Fatalities is a brand the entire state can rally around. Because when we ask ourselves, “What is an acceptable number of traffic fatalities for your family?” the answer is simple: zero.

Thanks and congratulations to all the new ambassadors!

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