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Contributed by Jason Alleger

As of June 2012, 80 percent of American companies have a Facebook page. Most companies post one to two updates to their pages every day. Yet it is estimated that only 16 percent of their fanbase will actually see their posts.

Yes, that is correct, if a company has 1,000 Likes, only 160 people on average will ever see their updates. Facebook uses algorithms based on how often you log on, the number of friends you have and how many brands you Like to determine how often to show a company’s post.

We have had success using Facebook’s sponsored stories and promoted posts to amplify our messages. For example, for one of our clients we compared its reach during and post campaign. You’ll note we went from reaching around 100,000 people per day to around 600 people per day. 

Effect of running Facebook promoted posts versus organic

This client has approximately 2,600 Likes, which means with paid posts it reaches 38 times its fanbase, whereas organically it is only reaching less than a quarter of its fanbase.

As a word of caution, promoted posts and sponsored stories only work well with good content. To get the best results, you must marry these tactics with good quality content. If people do not interact with your promoted content, Facebook will charge you more for spamming your audience. Facebook’s newsfeed is built for conversations. If you want an ad, put it on the side bar.

Sponsored stories and promoted posts are excellent options for companies looking to boost the number of eyeballs and amount of engagement on a company’s post.


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  • Marc Stryker
    Marc Stryker 9 months ago Reply

    Now Facebook is charging to create offers. Going public has really put the heat on them to rapidly monetize the system they originally created as a free service. Like UTA, the free ride seems to be over!

  • Susan Hamilton 8 months ago Reply

    I just used an ad credit for my first promoted post. While I did get 1,000s more views, the majority were from India which is not my target market. There isn’t a way to target your post promotion as there is with facebook ads. I’m not inclined to try this again unless they offer a way to promote at least geographically. What do you think?

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 8 months ago Reply


      Promoted posts are set up for global targeting unless you change the targeting. You can do this by clicking on your ad manager tab, wherein you will see a new ad group titled “Promoting [Post Name]”. From there, simply click into the ad that was created and change the targeting. You can also change the budget, dates running, and many other aspects of your promoted posts.


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