Social Media and Healthcare: Reshaping the Conversation

Healthcare Advertising on TwitterThe world of healthcare has change drastically over the past few years making the conversation between healthcare professionals and consumers more important than ever. Enter social media, a disruptive marketing channel for a generation that is more likely to go online to answer general health questions than ask a doctor. Our New York City based healthcare provider recognized this change, wanting to directly reach out to its audience of consumers and small business owners to start a conversation.

Based on our strategic recommendation and execution the client reported online inquiries increased substantially via social media to the SHOP microsite, leading to an increase in small business tax calculator conversions and calls to insurance brokers. The campaign targeted 115 zip codes within the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens where the target audience was highly represented. Utilizing Twitter and Facebook channels and leveraging paid social media advertising we achieved:

  1. A reach of 3 million people through Facebook and Twitter
  2. 15,000 SHOP microsite visits and 8,000 tax calculator conversions
  3. Facebook CTR of 0.32% beating the industry benchmark of 0.17% and a Twitter engagement rate of .35%, which is inline with the industry standards.

The snapshot of our client’s success highlights how the healthcare industry can effectively converse with the audience on social media in an engaging way. If your brand is looking to establish a social media strategy or launch a major campaign, consider the following before starting:

  • Create conversations that provide a value of exchange instead of selling to the audience
  • Always use data to drive strategy
  • Build out a social media policy that reflects your brand
  • Develop measureable KPIs
  • Only establish channels where your audience is most active

Based on the statistics below Penna Powers foresees more and more healthcare industry professionals turning to social media to catch consumer trends before they happen, establishing a fruitful two way conversation benefiting the consumer and brand.

Healthcare Social Media Statistics & Figures:

  • More than 40% of consumers say that information found via social media affects the way they deal with their health. (source: Mediabistro)
  • 41% of people said social media would affect their choice of a specific doctor, hospital, or medical facility. (source: Demi & Cooper Advertising and DC Interactive Group)
  • 26% of all hospitals in the US participate in social media. (source: Demi & Cooper Advertising and DC Interactive Group)
  • 60% of doctors say social media improves the quality of care delivered to patients. (source: Demi & Cooper Advertising and DC Interactions