The Conversation Starter


Second screen interactions are taking over the communications world. Some of the most popular television shows have increased viewers by encouraging them to interact online while enjoying the show. Some encourage viewers to Tweet about their favorite characters or vote for their favorite singer and others offer the option to purchase the outfits you saw on the actors. And that’s just the beginning of second screen interactions. Here at PPBH, we like to say that the “second screen phenomenon” no longer exists, it is now just a part of the campaign. If you want your advertising to really work, you need to get viewers involved in the digital space.

This month on the PPBH blog we will be talking all about the second screen and how it is an integral part of present day marketing campaigns. This month you can look forward to reading about:

3 Examples of Second Screen Done Right
3 Sneaky Second Screen Applications
Are You a Screen Addict?
Two Things to Keep in Mind When Building Your Advertising Campaign
Five Ways to Use Second Screen in Your Marketing

…And more. So get excited and keep your eyes out!

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