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Let’s face it, like any company we see people come and go. But unlike most agencies, we see people come… go… and come back again. And we lovingly title such individuals as members of the “boomerang club.”

Penna Powers has been awarded the Utah Business “Best Company to Work For” three years in a row. But more than awards, “the proof is in the puddin’,” as Penna Powers attracts talented individuals dedicated to the company culture. However, with many talented professionals, outside opportunities come a knockin’ and some P2ers may leave the fold…but it rarely lasts. For example, Bobby Brinton left for 8 days before realizing his mistake and Christine Menges lasted 16 days. Stacy Johnson took what she now refers to as her “summer vacation.”

It was such an epidemic that the office has commemorated the group with a plaque.


I remember sitting in my interview for Zero Fatalities PR Manager eight months ago. At the start, the questions were to be expected: “Tell us about your work experience,” “why are you interested in the position,” “why would you be a good fit”…etc. etc. etc. And then the questions changed: “What three word slogan would you put on a billboard promoting yourself?” and “what’s your spirit animal?” I laughed initially thinking it was a joke, but based on the expressions in the room I realized they were truly waiting for my answers.

As bizarre as the interview may have seemed, I walked out knowing Penna Powers was where I wanted to be, where I could work hard and succeed. Not because they asked ridiculous questions, but because they cared to find a good fit, and as a result, I love my job every day.

The long and the short of it: You’d be crazy to work with any other firm, in my VERY unbiased opinion. If you don’t believe me, come spend some time at 1706 Major Street, walk the halls and see for yourself. #dareya

[SIDE NOTE: I believe I said my spirit animal was a jaguar, and there’s no way I remember what my three word slogan was but I remember it wasn’t half bad. Before the interview was over I did ask my interviewers to divulge THEIR spirit animals. I won’t say exactly who was who. Just know I was being interviewed by Justin Smart, Dave Smith and Brent Wilhite – and the animals listed: a duck, a horse and a meerkat. I’ll let you determine the rest.]


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