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Have you ever wondered what the largest sporting events in Utah are? We’ve compiled two lists – one for the most attended sporting events in Utah and another for the most watched TV sports programs in Utah. We use these lists to evaluate sports sponsorships and to buy TV packages in general.

7 Most Attended Sporting Events in Utah

  1. Utah Jazz – 19.8% of all Utahns reported attending a game in the last year.
  2. Salt Lake Bees – 15.7%
  3. BYU Football – 11.0%
  4. Real Salt Lake Soccer – 10.3%
  5. University of Utah Football – 8.3%
  6. Utah Grizzlies Hockey – 7.1%
  7. BYU Basketball – 6.4%

7 Most Watched TV Sports Programs in Utah

  1. Super Bowl – 45.8% of all Utahns reported watching this in the past year.
  2. Olympics – 40.2%
  3. NFL Playoffs – 31.9%
  4. NBA Finals – 24.7%
  5. Utah Jazz – 24.0%
  6. Bowl Games – 23.5%
  7. BYU Football – 20.7%

Data Source: Scarborough Salt Lake City Feb14-Jan15 release

Were you surprised by any of these? Dismayed that the University of Utah has less attendance and viewership than Brigham Young University? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Katherine Toepke
    Katherine Toepke 4 months ago Reply

    Doesn’t bug me that more people watch BYU, because at least the U tends to win 😮

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