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Earlier this fall, Penna Powers celebrated the five-year anniversary of the day Charlotte Chen first graced the halls of our agency. Today, she’s an accomplished project manager who is loved by clients and coworkers alike. She’s the epitome of professional. She’s smart, honest, organized and disciplined—pure gold on the inside—but she’s also taught us a thing or two about looking the part on the outside.

To celebrate five awesome years of working with Charlotte, we’re sharing five of her best style secrets.

  1. It’s not how much it costs, it’s how you wear it.

Penna Powers’ clients have communication budgets that span a broad range. It’s not the size of your budget, but how you use it that matters. To maximize effectiveness, be strategic about how you showcase your brand. When the branding fits your audience well, you’ll get results.  

  1. Don’t wear something just because everyone else is wearing it. Know your own style and be true to it.

Everybody is on WhatsApp, right? You’re not sure what to do with it, but your top competitors are using it and you don’t want to be last to the party.

Hold on! Before you jump into any marketing trend, ask yourself a few questions. Does it suit your audience? Is it the best medium for the message? Can you execute it well? Most importantly, can you experiment with this new, shiny thing without sacrificing resources for proven marketing efforts that meet your objectives?

  1. Don’t mix and match patterns.

Charlotte has a great sense of style, but she is not a graphic designer. However, she is really, really good at taking clients’ ideas to our talented team of designers and coming back with great creative work. One of the perks of working with Penna Powers is that you have a team of design pros who you can always count on.

  1. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

Accessories, including shoes, are a great way to put your own personal spin on your OOTD (outfit of the day). Likewise, there’s no better way to elevate your marketing than to make sure your brand’s unique identity is evident—not overpowering, but elegantly tying your communication efforts together into a cohesive package.

  1. Blazers are total wardrobe staples. They can take your outfit from regular to classy/chic. 

A great blazer tops off an outfit like a great presentation tops off smart communication pieces. Charlotte’s clothing never has a loose thread or a stain. Likewise, when Charlotte sends an email, makes a call or a comment in a meeting, her ideas are never hasty or half-baked. Take your work from regular to chic by presenting it with polish.

We hope you’ve enjoyed Charlotte’s style secrets. Thanks, Charlotte, for five years of smart sophistication!

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On the morning of Halloween in 2012, something stirred within the agency and things would never be the same again. Citizens of The Underground, the creative team’s lair, were up to business as usual when the sultry notes of “Careless Whisper” started flowing through the basement.

Bobby Brinton, copywriter savant, sauntered into The Underground and serenaded everyone as the Sexy Sax Man. Everyone stopped what they were doing, instantly enamored by Bobby’s dance moves to George Michael. Rumor has it that Major Street’s shenanigans are attributed to the sweet, sweet music that Bobby created on that fateful day.

More than just a pretty face, Bobby also possesses the highest power of the pen at Penna Powers: senior copywriter. His nationally-recognized creative has earned awards ranging from an Emmy to multiple Addys. He strikes fear into the heart of the content team with his red pen and is the ultimate authority on AP Style. Every other copywriter pales in comparison to Bobby… except when it comes to skin color.

Intentional and articulate in everything he does, Bobby has commandeered the creative team on many occasions. Account services often refer to him as “Father Bobby” for his role in keeping everyone on track. His direction, along with partner-in-crime and fellow Kelly Osbourne fan Kenny Hammond, steers Penna Powers’ creative team toward an innovative future.

Bobby makes sure that any and all creative tactics are executed flawlessly, even if it means providing thousands of dollars in talent for free. If he had a nickel for every time he provided free voiceover, he would already own a Tesla. For now, he’ll just have to settle for being the agency rock star as the former lead singer of the Sony-signed Hudson River School band.

Thank you, Bobby for five years—minus eight days—of kickass work as our copywriter. While we appreciate your impeccable writing, we admire your sense of humor and witty personality even more. We’ll never be able to get the sight of your Sexy Sax Man costume out of our minds and we’re pretty okay with that.

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Utah Food Bank’s Summer Food and Fund Drive

Penna Powers recently participated in Utah Food Bank’s Summer Food and Fund Drive and we’re pretty proud of our employee participation.

We like a little competition here at P2—naturally—so we created a contest to finally determine whether U of U or BYU is the best school ever.

Employees could bring in cans of food or donate to a virtual store. While the Cougars showed a promising start, the Utes ultimately came out victorious. The third barrel representing other darn good schools also had a nice showing.

P2 Utah Food Bank’s Summer Food and Fund Drive Results:

U of U raised $330 in virtual donations and 37 items donated.

BYU raised $194 in virtual donations with 34 items donated.

Other darn good schools raised $94 in virtual donations with 33 items donated.

Overall, P2 employees donated $618 and 86 pounds of food. The agency matched $500 of donations to bring the grand total up to $1,118.

For every $1 donated to Utah Food Bank, the organization receives $7.81 in goods and services. That means our $1,118 donation from the Summer Food and Fund Drive actually provided $8,731.58 in goods and services to the local community. Way to go P2!

If you’re interested in hosting a food drive, learn more from Utah Food Bank.

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It’s 8:35 a.m. on a Tuesday, Penna Powers headquarters is dark and quiet as people slowly make their way into work. They walk into their offices and begin scanning through emails, easing into the relaxing morning, when out of the silence comes a sound so vulgar yet humorous that everyone jumps from fear and simultaneously laugh uncontrollably. The phone speaker system has just been fart horned by the only person in the Underground in so “early,” our resident superhero, Thor.

Known for being reliable, speedy and incredibly talented, this designer has officially celebrated five years at Penna Powers. You can catch him working on projects for UDOT, Zero Fatalities, UCAIR, Utah Cancer Control Program and many more. Usually the first person in the building every morning and one of the last to leave at night, he is perhaps the most upbeat and positive guy in the Creative department. Even after a long day staring at a screen, he’s one of the first to volunteer or join in on the staff extracurriculars, participating in our MS Ride, Summer Games and most notably as the secret weapon on the agency’s soccer team.

In his spare time, you’ll find him combing his long golden locks, heading into the mountains to climb, hike or camp, building fires with his bare hands or listening to an audio book while cuddling with his best friend… no, not Tyson… Kiki, his cat.

He’s the type of guy you can always count on and is so crafty he’ll literally build props for photo shoots to ensure the job gets done right. We’re lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Thor for these past five years and look forward to many, many more. Thanks for always putting a smile on our faces and providing such stellar work!

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There is a sixth dimension beyond that which is understood by man. It is a dimension as vast as the universe and infinite in time. It is the space between shadow and light, between superstition and science, and it lies between the depths of man’s fears and the peaks of his knowledge. This is the dimension of fantasy. It is an area which we call the Tyson Zone.

Witness, if you will, a basement, made out of Nerf dart black holes, spews of profane expletives and soothing essential-oil blends that stretch to infinity. The basement, or as we know it, The Underground, has inmates from the Creative, Production and Content teams. One inmate stands out amongst the rest.

His name is Tyson Holtkamp. His occupation—IT/Operations Manager at Penna Powers. At present, celebrating his tenth year of techie techniques, zombie apocalypse survival tips and fighting mysterious malware. He’s a man in his mid-thirties of medium height, perhaps a little more gluten intolerant than most men. His face was once that of a baby. Now covered with hair, it is no longer. There is no horror film left that he has not seen and no server issue he cannot resolve. He is the first to quote Stephen King and the last man standing in the face of a good tumbler of whiskey.

Down below, in a heated debate of Game of Thrones theories, is but a fragment of a man’s imagination. Left to admire is the cleverness of his humor and the patience needed to teach you of your technological mistakes. Without his help and guidance, the team at Penna Powers would disintegrate from the email spam, computer viruses and mutants that act upon them. Of all of Mr. Holtkamp’s strengths…it is his commitment to excellence, paired with his jest and wit, that make him such a joy to work with. Here’s hoping this is just the eve of the beginning…in the Tyson Zone.

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This month we celebrated not one but two five-year anniversaries at PPBH. Both Christin and Christina work in the Public Involvement department here at PPBH and both of them have helped raise the bar with their hard work and PI know-how.

Christina 5-YearChristina came to PPBH in 2009 to work on the I-15 CORE project and has since worked with many of our PI clients. Her love for the outdoors, volleyball background, amazing work ethic and great sense of humor were the inspiration for her poster.

Christin 5-YearChristin started with PPBH in 2009 as well and has become our expert on air quality and transportation. She juggles motherhood and work like a pro and never fails to impress us with both her quality of work and her outstanding fashion-sense.

We want to say thank you to both of these women and we look forward to working with them for years to come.

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Newest Employees

It has been a busy summer for PPBH and we have added a few new members to the team! We are proud to say that we have hired eight very talented individuals over the last couple of months.

It is PPBH tradition to ask all newbies a few random, yet extremely useful, questions. Here are some important facts that you should know about our newest team members.

(From left to right above).

James Taylor is our newest designer. His favorite book is Peter Pan and if he were stranded on a desert island, the one food he would miss most is Graham Canyon Ice Cream.

Brian Shaw joined the PPBH team as a copywriter. His desk is decorated in the finest Star Wars collectibles, his life motto is “Chwaaaaaaaaaaargh!” – Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) and his favorite jingle is the Imperial March.

Jennifer Whitaker has joined the media team as our newest media planner. Her dream car is a black Aston Martin DB9, preferably outfitted with James Bond type gadgets. Her favorite way to spend the weekend is either doing something outdoors or hanging out with Brad… her cat.

Abby Young is an account manager who comes to us from New York. She loves bacon, and her favorite movie quote is “Do you have anything besides Mexican food?” – Dusty Bottoms, The Three Amigos.

Rochelle Creager has joined our Zero Fatalities Utah team as the community outreach manager. The top two favorite books are 1984 and The Great Gatsby, and if she could meet one person living or dead, it would be Mr. Rogers.

Jason Marty is now a senior account manager at PPBH. When asked his favorite year in school he replied, “Senior year in high school I spent many weekends in Santa Cruz and Tahoe so that was fun. But my final year in college will just be awesome! I’ll be happy to not feel the need to continue onward once I have a masters, I hope!”

Sarah Beth Stephenson has joined our Zero Fatalities Utah team as a community outreach coordinator. She likes Mini Coopers, Jane Austen and chocolate lava cake. And the motto she lives by? “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.” – Maya Angelou.

Andrew Bennett – Andrew is the newest addition to our Las Vegas office and is the public outreach coordinator for Zero Fatalities Nevada. He is also the official chef of our Vegas office. He loves pulled pork sandwiches, the beach and Steve Jobs.

Welcome to the crew everyone! We are excited to have you.

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PPBH at the RRR

Well, we’ve done it again, PPBH took on the 63-mile Red Rock Relay in Moab. This year, the two teams were Ladies and the Tramp and Thortoise and the Hair.

Since we knew what we were in for this time around, everyone trained hard and both teams came home with medals! OK, actually everyone gets a medal, but if we were giving out the awards, we would give ourselves most improved. Last year PPBH’s two teams finished with times of 9 hours 59 minutes and 11 hours 54 minutes. This year we came in with times of 8 hours 52 minutes and 9 hours 37 minutes.

We had an awesome time, did some quality bonding and made some great memories. We are looking forward to the relay next year and with these new personal best times to beat, we are already training… right after we take off a few months to let our muscles relax.


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Online quizzes are the next frontier of content marketing. Odds are, you have recently taken a quiz about “Which sandwich are you?” or “Which city should you actually live in?” These quizzes have been gaining popularity since December 2013, and we foresee this becoming a part of brand’s content strategy moving forward.

Well, PPBH has made its own quiz. Take our quiz to see how much you actually know about PPBH:

Let us know your score in the comments!

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Contributed by Clayton Carter

PPBH is for the most part an active bunch of people in our off time. As you’ve seen in the chronicles of agency days past, we play together in soccer leagues, run races, and even huddle up for football tournaments once in a while.

fantasy football

What’s that? Your company plays sports together too? Not impressed? Well here’s what makes PPBH special on the field of play: we come together as a team and compete through every grueling tick of time off the game clock without even a semblance of collective athletic ability. That’s right. When it comes to sports here at PPBH, the majority of us live by the old adage, “Fake it ‘til you make it.”The harsh truth is, none of us weekend warriors are really ever going to make it – if that means pitching in professional baseball game or catching a pass from Peyton Manning in this year’s Super Bowl. We may be full of imagination in our creative work at PPBH, but after an hour of playing time the final score firmly slaps us back to reality. Our hopes of sports glory are all but gone. We’ve even resigned to calling all sports by the generic term “sportsball” instead in an attempt to dull the pain of defeat with feigned apathy.

Fearing the long-term effects of perpetual league losses, our agency turned to Fantasy Football to make us all feel like winners again. Last August, over half of the company joined in this new pretend sport of champions. Every week of this last NFL season, brave fantasy team managers picked up a mouse and a remote control, sat down in a chair and browsed into the game watching these pro athletes chalk up major points for his team. And 50% of the time, we won! What a great feeling to spread around. We’ve now crowned a true league champion for the second year straight. We’re even holding a banquet the day after the Super Bowl to reminisce on the big game as a league and to hand out prizes in honor of our great Fantasy Football accomplishments.

sportsballThe true beauty of the sport of Fantasy Football is that we don’t have to practice or play like great athletes to win.  Oh sure, team managers can benefit by reading up a little, but that’s just more faking it as we copy rankings from other experts who really know and study the game. We just stand on the shoulders of these giants and take credit for their successes. The kicker is that all these guys volunteer to play the game for us, offering up their real game skills and scoring real points for us while we merely watch, trade, trash talk and win. But we play hard and we give it our all like we always do. After all, isn’t that what good ‘ole sporting competition is all about?

So next time your company signs up for a sportsball league, watch for the team name “PPBH” to show up in your season game schedule. If you’re lucky, you just might play us one week and tally an easy win. But don’t mess with us on the Fantasy Football gridiron. We’ve got fake sports skills for days and we show no mercy.

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