Harmons Grocery

The Sweet Taste of Harmons

Tasked with the challenge to refresh the Harmons brand, we embraced their delicious and nutritious approach in this fully integrated marketing campaign. We focused on Foodies, the people who care about great food, because Harmons delivers fresh, local and organic choices.


Harmons is a fun-loving brand that tries to make their customers’ day a little bit brighter, whether it be through their great food or an unexpected treat in downtown Salt Lake City.

Harmons takes local seriously. This TV spot features a few of the local establishments where they get their food.

The grill master is just one of the many foodies, so we aim straight for their stomach and their grill pride in this commercial. Harmons has quality meats and patties, making it the mouthwatering choice for any barbecue fan.

This commercial encompasses the overall Harmons’ brand personality which is fun, fresh and passionate about good food. Going the extra mile is just a part of what they do, because they’re not normal. They’re Harmons.


This was a campaign so good, we had to stop it. This Valentine’s Day campaign, selling fresh roses and chocolates, had such a large response they had to pull it from the air to keep up with demand.


We reskinned the Harmons website, achieving a fresh and friendly feel.

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