Salt Lake County Health Department

Harnessing the Power of Moms

With pertussis reaching near-epidemic levels across the country, we knew we had to get people vaccinated and fast. Because moms are the main influencers in their family circle, we reached out to them so they could get the message out quickly and to the right people. In coordination with the Salt Lake County Health Department, we created an integrated campaign informing these protective mothers about the vaccine and how it would protect their precious infants.


These commercials made the topic of asking your family to get vaccinated approachable and humorous while still emphasizing its importance.


We created this website for Utah’s pertussis communication efforts. We discovered that asking family members to get vaccinated is awkward and difficult for many people. We developed a standard email that anyone could send to their relatives, asking them to get vaccinated before they come to visit the newest addition to the family.

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Whenever someone got the Tdap vaccination in select pharmacies throughout Utah, they received this onesie helping us spread the message to even more family members and friends.

4143 Onesies


These posters were distributed at local health departments, pharmacies and other locations where people could get vaccinated.