Fairbourne Station

Bringing New Life to the Valley

We created a new brand and campaign to represent the tremendous redevelopment efforts at West Valley City. Fairbourne Station became the focal point of West Valley City’s efforts. We helped introduce and create the brand to develop a sense of pride and excitement for the new area.




We created a commercial that played in movie theaters prior to family-friendly movies and encouraged families to explore Fairbourne Station.


Since the Fairbourne Station groundbreaking in 2011, there was numerous grand opening events for each milestone of its redevelopment project to keep the public involved and aware of the progress. We created the new Fairbourne Station branding and helped the City make each milestone event unique, such as the Picnic at the Promenade. Participation at the event was projected to be low—around 100 attendees—due to its midday, mid-week time and date. However, expectations were far exceeded with over 700 attendees. Media coverage included stories from five news outlets.