S1E4: A Committed Passion for Advertising and Growing in a Team with Stephanie Miller & Christine Menges

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Chris and Stephanie Podcast

Christine Menges and Stephanie Miller have a wealth of experience working in advertising and have worked at renowned ad-house Penna Powers for almost their whole careers. We chat with these two powerful and successful ladies about what has kept them motivated over the two decades they have worked for the company. Advertising can be a grueling, as well as male-dominated industry, but our guests show how passion and a continually open attitude to learning have enabled them to stay current in the ever-changing field. We get down to their personal stories, initial feelings about moving into the advertising world and their ideas moving forward. Anyone who works or has an interest in advertising is sure to find a hoard of useful nuggets of wisdom and insider know-how. So, let’s get straight into it and hear what they have to say!