S1E3: Continuing to Do Good and Engaging the Public in the Conversation of Conservation with Utah Open Lands

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On the show this week, we speak with Wendy Fisher and Marie Lenihan-Clarke, the Executive Director and Outreach Director for Utah Open Lands. Open Lands is Utah’s statewide non-profit land trust conservation association and since its inception in 1990 has protected over 60,000 acres throughout the state. While at Utah Open Lands, Wendy has been recognized as a leader in conservation efforts and has served on various legislative task forces looking at agricultural, trail and open space preservation. Marie joined Utah Open Lands in May 2016 after going on an independent travel experience for six months and realizing that she wanted to work in a field where she could appreciate the outdoors and not just sit behind an office desk. Inside this episode, Wendy and Marie dive deeper into the topic of philanthropic marketing. We also discuss more about the history of Utah Open Lands, the valuable role that social media plays in the conversation around conservation, and how to motivate the public to engage in your cause. All this and more inside today’s episode, so let’s jump in and pull back the curtain on their story of philanthropic marketing.