Mike Brian

Partner, COO

“The more you know, the less you guess – guessing is expensive.” Mike’s mantra has not only earned Penna Powers a reputation as a smart, strategic agency, but also secured its interactive team as an essential part of every campaign. Though his day-to-day comedic antics at the office have many confused about when the stand-up stops and the real work begins. He guides the marketing and brand strategies for several agency clients and has found the time to add the Winter Olympics transportation website strategy and the restructuring of the Utah Department of Transportation website to his vast resume of successes through the years.

“I love seeing clients become more and more successful after following our direction and running our campaigns. The results are really what it’s all about.”

Mike has over 25 years of industry experience both as an entrepreneur and partner. Though marketing and advertising are his passion, his close attention to the interactive world since the inception of the Internet has won him the title of “tech guru.” His fanaticism for new technologies and fan-boyish love for Apple gives everyone in the office a hands-on opportunity with each new piece in his collection.

“I always try to sympathize with people that complain about going to work. I love my work, I love our agency, I love our clients — I can’t say enough about our team and the synergy that happens here at Penna Powers everyday.”

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