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Contributed by Michael Penna

I’ve been at PPBH for over four months now, and in that time, I have learned so many new aspects of the advertising industry. One aspect that stands out in my mind is professionalism in the workplace. When it comes to cultivating and maintaining professionalism in the office, keep in mind these three points:

1. Grammar rules still apply to internal emails.
I’ve had my fair share of casual jokes and conversations in the office, but when it comes down to being professional I’m talking about something as simple as sending an email to a co-worker. The reason why I see this becoming a growing problem is because we are adapting to the social media alphabet, by this I mean not using punctuation or capitalization, etc. I can vouch for myself that when I first started at the agency I was sending emails without capitalization or complete sentences and wasn’t second guessing what I had sent until I began hearing back from people telling me that you need to take a close look and proofread every email you send out.

2. You are the product, so be proud of the work you do.
As the months rolled on, I began working on quarterly and annual spreadsheets that have dozens, or even hundreds, of projects and figures where the smallest mistake can throw off your budget and even get you in trouble with your client. When I first started working on spreadsheets I had the same problem with a lack of preciseness. I realized that I have to take my time and proof every task I do.

3. Job memos are not dead.
When I first began opening jobs and typing up job memos, I would do them as fast as I could using my own opinion of what I wanted to see in the memo. What I didn’t realize was that I am writing the memo for my creative team so I need to think like they would and imagine what they need to see in a memo so I get the right creative components to make the campaign a success.

So, as you go about your day today, remember these tips: take your time with every task, and think through the task from every angle, from the client to the creative.


Michael Penna is an intern in PPBH’s advertising department. He is a senior at the University of Utah and will graduate this spring with a degree in marketing. 

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  • Ted 8 months ago Reply

    Great post! Especially agree with #3, internal memos and strategic/creative thoughts from interns matter.


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