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Content marketing is exploding. It makes sense, as a written article or produced video can convey more information and users actually choose to read/watch it. Companies are willing to pay content marketers, including YouTubers, big dollars to have them promote their product.

So how much do they really make? Well, let’s look first at how much companies pay them to promote a product and secondly let’s look at how much YouTube pays them to run ads.

How Much do You Pay a YouTuber to Promote Your Product. Obviously this varies widely depending on the YouTuber’s audience and the marketing objective. In general, YouTubers typically charge around $10,000 per 100,000 views. It’s difficult to predict how many views a native video will get, so that is the risk an advertiser takes.

How Much YouTube Pays YouTubers Per View. Once the YouTuber links Google AdSense to their channel, they make 68% of the ad revenue (see Google AdSense Revenue Share). YouTube charges advertisers when a viewer watches 30 seconds or more of the ad, and typically charges around $.18 per view (see How Much Do Ads on YouTube Cost). Only about 15% of viewers will be counted as a “paid view” since many of them skip.

So if you have 1,000 views to your video and 15% actually watch the ad, then you would have 150 paid views. At $.18 per view, this would equate to $27 total charged to the advertiser. As the content creator you get 68% of that, so you would average around $18 per 1,000 views.

Here is it another way:

1,000 views –> 150 views of people completing the ad

$.18 per view x 150 views = $27 charged to advertiser

$27 advertiser charge x 68% revenue share = $18 paid to content creator per 1,000 views

Who are the Top YouTubers? In 2014, the top YouTuber made $4.9 million unboxing toys. Yes that’s right, the whole channel is just her unboxing Disney toys. Her top video, Play Doh Sparkle Princess, has garnered 217 million views. Other examples include PewDiePie, which made $4 million in 2014 and LittleBabyBum, which made $3.5 million. If this makes you question everything you’ve done in your life, you’re not alone.

Should Marketers Pay YouTubers to Make Videos? To say it depends is kind of a cop-out, so I’m going to compare the cost per thousand views to if you just ran an online video ad instead.

Making Videos. From above, you could calculate that to have a YouTuber make a video and post it to their channel you would be paying roughly $10,000 for 100,000 views, which breaks down to $100 per 1,000 views.

Running Video Ads. If you opted to just run an ad on their channel, you would pay $27 per 1,000 views (but only really get 150 completed views). To get 1,000 completed views it would cost $405.

Both are good options. Video is much more visual than any other media so if you’re debating between the two you have a good problem. Having a YouTuber produce a video is comparatively less expensive, but you give up creative control and cannot know how successful the video will be. Also you are limited to just their channel, so you may need to do multiple of these deals. Some of the pros are that you get a customized piece of content that doesn’t feel like an ad, and oftentimes these channels reach audiences that don’t consume general mass media. Paid ads are just that – paid ads, and oftentimes users feel inconvenienced when forced to watch them. However, the targeting is great and can oftentimes tie into your larger marketing strategy.

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  • Autumn 6 months ago Reply

    so i want to start a youtube channel. i dont know what to do for it. i was wondering if u could help me choose. also i am kinda confused about the money part. does it have to be a certain topic or can it be about anything to make money

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 6 months ago Reply

      When in doubt, always make cat videos 🙂

      You can make money with any topic. Advertisers care more about who is watching it, not what the content is.

      • Richard 6 months ago Reply

        even my cat videos don’t get more than a hundred views.

        • I have a channel that really sucks because i have no time to get it up and in gear. How can I get more views and subscribers? I’m really trying to record more, but it’s not really working. I have things to do other than record any advice for me?

          • Jason Alleger
            Jason Alleger 5 months ago

            Hi Dominick,

            The key to getting more views and subscribers is to create great content. If you’re not constantly creating new, great content you won’t get views nor followers.

          • Eugene 5 months ago

            If you can’t upload videos at *least* three times a week, don’t bother. And that’s the minimum. Youtube factors in upload frequency when deciding who to put near the top of search results, and emphasizes time watched over subscriber base. So if you’re only uploading like once a month, even with REALLY good content you shouldn’t expect much success.

            The top 100k youtubers upload an average of once a day, many upload twice a day. If you can’t do that, you’re going to struggle.

          • Alex 5 months ago

            Well, the most successful youtuber in my niche uploads about once a week.

          • Fluffy Rainbow Octopus 5 months ago

            Eugene, although a lot of the top you tubers have videos released almost daily, in around 3 weeks, i gained between 30-40 subs, only uploading twice a week though. Also, a lot of HUGE you tubers upload once a week, or less, such as ryan higa and game theory

          • Crudelisgamers 4 months ago

            upload as much as possible, take one evening (3-4 hours) for filming and 1 – 2 evenings to Edit (3-8 hours) try to uploud frequently 😉

          • brieeee 4 months ago

            yea maybe plain out what kind of videos you would want to do then start planning dates you want to film them even if your busy just find a day u aren’t and shoot your video and see how the viewers like it

      • hailey 5 months ago Reply

        i need help making money

        • Alex 5 months ago Reply

          Well, the most successful youtuber in my niche uploads about once a week.

        • Eoku 5 months ago Reply

          Unless you’re JonTron…

          • Eoku 5 months ago

            oops, I totally clicked the wrong button.

          • mirza shahbaz 4 months ago

            I am satisfied with you.

          • mirza shahbaz 4 months ago

            You Are Right.

      • Justin Newcombe 5 months ago Reply

        Hey Jason,

        I have a YouTube channel called The Silver Charizard and I have just over 1,000 views but I haven’t gotten any money yet so could you tell me why that is because I have all but one of my videos monetized.

        • Jason Alleger
          Jason Alleger 5 months ago Reply

          Hi Justin – log into your AdSense account ( and you’ll see how much money you’ve made. Google will only cut you a check once you’ve made $100 or more, so my guess is you’re still under that amount.

          • Devon 5 months ago

            So if I’m 13, do I still get money from it?

          • Jason Alleger
            Jason Alleger 5 months ago

            Yes, there’s a lot of teenage millionaires on YouTube.

          • christosbele 5 months ago

            So I can get paid only when I make 100$ so only when my videos get around 8500 views in total. Is this right? Thanks in advance.

          • Jason Alleger
            Jason Alleger 5 months ago

            Yes, that’s correct.

    • Jim Pickens 6 months ago Reply

      When you start a youtube account, if you start trying to get people to pay you when you have less than 500 subscribers, they’ll tell you to come back when you get more as they pay for people to watch your video to advertise so they can make money.

      In all fairness, find a topic people like to watch, and create a YouTube account and upload loads of videos about that topic. After a while, your subscribers start to rise and you get more of a chance to get paid.

      • bayleigh 5 months ago Reply

        ok try getting on my youtube and subscribing

    • Nabeel 6 months ago Reply

      Hey Autumn,

      The article explained very well about how much money you can make with youtube but since you asked what to do for a channel here is my little advice for you:

      1. See other professional vloggers on youtube and see what they are doing. For example, Pewdiepie, Baby Yebin, BF Vs GF pranks etc. You will get tons of ideas on what to do.
      2. Think about what you can do best. Are a good video gamer? a fitness lover? or are you good at cooking or gardening or makeup etc. Believe me, if you are creative, you can rock youtube no matter what your interest is. Do you know about Tom Dickson? and his “Will It Blend” series?. Haha you will die laughing if you dont know. As I said, if you are creative, you can rock youtube world.

      I wrote an article about some basic youtubing stuff here:

      Hope it will help you get started.

    • krs 6 months ago Reply

      It can be about anything.

    • David latsha 5 months ago Reply

      It doesn’t matter what ur channel is of u just wont get noticed very much unless u have 1mil subs

    • Peter 5 months ago Reply

      You should make videos that people will always watch and that you can produce at a fast rate with regular posts.

    • krishna 5 months ago Reply

      do it for what you are good at

    • Glendon Cameron 5 months ago Reply


      You are asking the wrong question. You should be asking what turns YOU on? I have been a full time YouTuber Plus for 7 years ( I sell products) there is a lot that goes into putting up a channel. If you do not really really really like the topic you pick- IT WILL GET OLD QUICK!

      Yes some topics make bank- if you got what it takes to become a successful beauty vlogger 6-7 figures is very possible. But not every girl can pull it off. You got to have the looks and personality. Just a thought.

    • Dave310 5 months ago Reply

      Autumn, I have no experience making youtube videos, but I do work in the entertainment field. Here’s my advice to you…

      First: Forget having someone else help you choose what you’re gonna do for your channel. You need to find something you’re passionate about… then go from there. Turn that passion into content, which means videos, videos, videos. (For example, if you told me you loved ice skating, I’d suggest creating a channel that’s devoted to all things ice skating. You could make videos where you talk about your favorite skaters, you could review performances and ice skating related products, you could do interviews or give ice skating tips. If you do a good job, hopefully other fans of ice skating would find your channel and watch your videos.)

      I could be wrong, but it seems like the internet is overcrowd with content at the moment. Finding a niche market that you can tap into seems like a good idea, which means getting specific with your channel… find a focus. Millions of people are doing product reviews or comedy skits, it seems like it would be really hard to get noticed in that space. (Unless you’re really good at it.) If you find something not a lot of other people are doing, you might have a better chance at getting eyes on your youtube channel.

      From what I’ve read, it sounds like making money on youtube is a tough road… so find something you can have fun with and don’t even think about trying to get rich. I think most people that are making money on youtube now started out just doing it for fun, because they enjoyed it. If you DO start to get views and make money, that’s just icing on the cake.

    • douglas 5 months ago Reply

      is this real? or is this fake?

      • Jason Alleger
        Jason Alleger 5 months ago Reply

        This is real.

    • Edward 5 months ago Reply

      Personally, I say don’t start one if your sole intention is to make money. It just ends up being work. At the very least, make videos about something you care about. For me it was gaming. Sure its saturated but I love it and I don’t see any reason why I can’t get something from it.

    • Tiffany 4 months ago Reply

      That was really a helpful article there. thanks

  • nicole 6 months ago Reply

    love your money

  • Jzanae 6 months ago Reply

    I am trying to make my own YouTube channel. But i was wondering on how to make the videos go viral. And i need a few ideas. Could you help?

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 6 months ago Reply

      Sure! I’m always wary when my clients ask my firm to create a viral video, as it’s very difficult to predict what videos will go viral and which won’t. A few tips:
      1. Create good content, obviously. People need a reason to watch and share. I think this goes without saying, but thought I’d include it anyways.
      2. Release your video on a Monday or Tuesday. Those days have a higher affinity for going viral.
      3. Collaborate with other YouTubers to tap into their audiences. This takes time.
      4. Have a great title. This will take some time to develop. People need to be able to say, “Have you seen ___.” If they can’t remember your title, or it’s too generic, you won’t go viral.
      5. Push this out to everyone you know and try to get it posted on as many sites as you can. Start with sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, but also think niche blogs or even sending to news outlets.

      A video going viral takes a bit of luck too, so you’ll need lots of that!

      • Christine 5 months ago Reply

        Your tips and website really helped me …thank you

  • Rosa 6 months ago Reply

    I have always had a passion for fashion and I want to start a YouTube account on hair tutorials and makeup and sometimes blogs how do I start out

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 6 months ago Reply

      Hi Rosa – that’s great! Just start recording good video content and the views will come.

  • Robert Connolly 6 months ago Reply

    I made a youtube channel about 4 days ago and I’ve only posted 5 videos. If i post more videos will i get more viewers and subscribers?

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 6 months ago Reply

      Not necessarily, but having more content is always better than not. You’ll want to make sure to optimize your videos – put in good, descriptive titles and descriptions, choose a good start frame and promote the video through blogs, social media and other channels. If the content is compelling your views and subscriber count will grow.

    • DairyPlayz 5 months ago Reply

      I have made my Youtube video about 3 days ago and I put about 1 or 2 videos a day and I have 12 subscribers so far. also editing editing is a great thing that will attract people

  • Taylor 6 months ago Reply

    Hello! My friend and I are wanting to make a YouTube channel and I have a few concernes. First, I don’t know how to get people to want to watch our videos, second; We are afraid of what haters of everything will put on the comments. I think I can handle the stupid comments but, I don’t think my friend can… Please, if yu have any solutions or tips, they would help out so much! Thank you.

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 6 months ago Reply

      Hi Taylor,

      You can turn off comments on YouTube, so that’s probably the solution you’re looking for.

  • Zack Peel 6 months ago Reply

    So I have been wanting to start a youtube account for a while now and I was curious on how I would get started with all the camera stuff.

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 6 months ago Reply

      If you have a webcam on your computer you can record directly onto YouTube. If not, you can record onto your phone and upload onto YouTube.

  • PewdiePie 6 months ago Reply

    Hi guys! 🙂

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 6 months ago Reply

      Well hello! We’re so excited that you read our article, especially considering you’re referenced in it. We’d welcome your feedback – is it accurate for what you charge?

      Also we’d love to broker a deal to buy some premium inventory on your channel, so let us know if you’d be interested!

    • amiri kelsie 5 months ago Reply

      I need help to get started

    • Waffle 0oGaming 4 months ago Reply

      Are you the real pewds

  • Suhail Ameen 6 months ago Reply

    whoa…I never thought youtubers could make that much……holy mother of god

  • Diddy 6 months ago Reply


    I made a YouTube video a while back maybe 4 years ago. So far it has received about 150k views. I signed up for ads but haven’t been paid jack.what gives.

    • Philip glass 6 months ago Reply

      Unfortunately it isn’t so simple.
      1) they would only start paying you AFTER your application was accepted, so any previous views wouldn’t matter.
      2) they only accept applicants for monetization if they feel they are profitable. Supply and demand. If you have 150k views on one video but only a couple hundred or couple thousand on other videos, your supply doesn’t comply with their demands.
      3) YouTube, being a Google property, has various algorithms that track user traffic. They look at analytics for things like bounce rate, bot vs. Natural traffic, refreshes, etc. In the end, not all of these views are even counted.

      If you want money, you’ll just have to stick to your guns and keep trying until you make it big.

    • Hello 5 months ago Reply

      @Diddy, do you have an adsense account linked to your youtube account? If you don’t, you won’t make money. And once you do hook it up, you won’t make any money till more people watch and click on the ads.
      Youtube also only promises to pay you money when you reach $100 worth.

  • Crazybrit 6 months ago Reply

    Dont mind about the comments because if you feed from haters and comments that blaze on your youtube channel then you wont succeed. People just find the littlest thing to talk shit about

  • Jennifer 6 months ago Reply

    So I have a question about the YouTuber that made her income by unboxing toys. How did she start? I have kids and play with them all the time so that kind of thing is right up my alley. Do I just start making videos unboxing toys or do I contact toy companies, like Disney?

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 6 months ago Reply

      Hi Jennifer – I’d start by making videos, and I’m sure when your channel gets popular enough you could reach out to Disney or another toy manufacturer (or they may reach out to you). It’s widely known that FunToyzCollector gets her toys from Disney now and it’s part of their marketing mix.

  • Karina 6 months ago Reply

    Check my toys channel )

  • Alison 6 months ago Reply

    Hi there – great article really helpful
    I have already started a youtube channel on a particular product. Can i charge for advertising within each episode for others to advertise/promote their product within each episode instead? I’m already getting requests. If so what would i charge?

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 6 months ago Reply

      Good question. You can charge by episode, and I’d use the pricing I laid out in this article ($100 per 1,000 views). I hope this is helpful!

  • Miguel Gonzalez 6 months ago Reply

    So, i’m planing on making a youtube channel about gaming, game reviews, and a bunch more stuff. Do you think that is a good topic?

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 5 months ago Reply

      Only if you want to make a ton of money. Some of the top YouTubers are gamers 🙂

  • Matthew 6 months ago Reply

    Hello! I am trying to create a YouTube channel for various things such as animation, minecraft, and programming. The problem is that I am not sure where to start. My friend and I will be working together to make our channels somewhat known, but we need to know what to do. We know that we need videos, but how do we manage our channels so that we get as many likes and subscribers as possible?

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 5 months ago Reply

      Hi Matthew,

      Start creating the videos, and don’t be afraid to ask your viewers to subscribe or like. Also I’d try to connect with other people in your space and try to do some cross-promotion between channels. You can add them in your suggested channels, give them a plug, or even have them co-host with you.

  • Matthew 6 months ago Reply

    Also, in what different ways can we get paid, and what is the best for us to do at this time?

  • Miguel Gonzalez 6 months ago Reply

    So i want to know if gaming is a good topic for a youtube channel because i want to make one about gaming, game reviews, and a bunch more stuff.

  • Nathan 6 months ago Reply

    So, I started a youtube focused on gameplay of one game with several friends, and was curious if this would make much difference. I plan to set up days that I record, probably Monday and Wednesday for now- due to my busy high school career right now. If I kept dedicated to it, do you think I would make much money within my first year?

    If so, how much would you estimate for the first year? Also, if I decided to do a review on my videos- like a look over, to see what had happened that year, would that be a good idea, or do you think I’d get in trouble for that? Because I wanna do it, but I’m not entirely sure.

    Please do respond to this.

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 5 months ago Reply

      Hi Nathan,

      The amount of money you make will be completely dependent on the views you get. I bet if you made an awesome channel, cross-promoted through Twitch and Twitter, and consistently put out GOOD videos 2x per week, you could make a few thousand dollars in your first year.

  • Crushindo 6 months ago Reply

    Ok so I’ve just started my gift and thats music. I post little clips of what i make on instagram, but I’m trying to make it and be noticed. My music is great because i can create ANY genre of music. I have a YouTube account and had it since 2009 but im just not hearing about this. I just want to know, if i start posting my music, and i start getting traffic to my page, what would be my first step?

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 5 months ago Reply

      My first step would be to make sure to monetize the channel with AdSense and you’ll start seeing the money come in.

  • mike medina 5 months ago Reply

    Hey! The article was a good read and pretty informative. I think for me, I’m more on the lines of coming up with an idea before dealing with any money. I love electronics and video games. I’m sure that market is pretty saturated but I’d still like to give a shot. The video games part seems pretty simple, just upload videos of games being played I’m guessing and go from there. Should I start with one and see if it catches on to generate views or try both?

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 5 months ago Reply

      Hi Mike – definitely! The market is saturated but there’s always room for a unique angle on it.

  • tim 5 months ago Reply

    The eCPMS on YouTube definitely do not equate to $18 per 1000 views going to the creator. Not even close. Try dividing that by 10 and you’ll be nearer to what the average YouTuber can expect to earn from his or her ad revenue.

  • NagaRaju Varma Vegesna 5 months ago Reply

    I want to create a new youtube channel and post some short films i.e 25.How can i approach google for accepting my channel.How can i get adds posted on my short films and how can i make money out of them.plz replay

  • Rollerlover 5 months ago Reply

    I have a YouTube channel and one of my videos has more than 4,000 views. I don’t understand where the money comes in and how it gets to you….?

  • OrionUri 5 months ago Reply

    I started a channel a wile back. I do gaming series, ex Cod, minecraft, happyweels. in the past year 3 have subbed, how do i improve that? i have 267 subbs and roughly 1k views. if you would care to take a look “OrionUri” is the channel name.

  • Dave 5 months ago Reply

    Very informative article (and comment replies)!

    I have tried a few different things on Youtube, and one of my channels I kind of forgot about ended up getting the most subscribers and views. You never really know what might take off!

  • Declan 5 months ago Reply

    okay so i’m 14 and i have no money i would like to start my own youtube channel about gaming im getting an xbox 1 and i’m wondering if i could make videos with that?

  • Satvik 5 months ago Reply

    Can someone just explain how can we get our money and how much do we get upon uploading our video on YouTube?????

  • Kk 5 months ago Reply

    I want to start a YouTube channel but I dont have many ideas. Is it ok if me kind of take a couple of ideas from other you tubers?

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 5 months ago Reply

      For sure! That’s the business ecosystem.

  • ahad 5 months ago Reply

    hey i wanna start a game play about clash of clans but there are many you-tubers who are successful but can i be like them what should do to get more money and develop my channel ??? help 🙁

  • Zailay 5 months ago Reply

    i think becoming a youtober is something that i really passionate about since years ago, i often watched videos on youtobe. i really do want to create a channel which is giving a good and positive impact to viewers. ex. some advices about daily basis and society life. i think people had alot misconception about that. what do you think ?

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 5 months ago Reply

      Great idea, can’t wait to see it!

      • giggidy 5 months ago Reply

        fuck you

  • Ryan 5 months ago Reply

    I have been on YouTube for bout a week now and barely have any views and only three subscribers. Any tips to get more?

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 5 months ago Reply

      To start making money you’ll want to post daily, promote your channel through all means necessary, including cross-promoting with other YouTubers.

      • Ryan 5 months ago Reply

        ill try that with Jacksepticeye

  • Jec 5 months ago Reply

    i would like to ask, if you would make a youtube channel, if you would upload a video would you be paid by youtube or you will be the one to pay youtube ?

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 5 months ago Reply

      You would be paid by YouTube.

      • sky 5 months ago Reply

        actually google pays you since youtube was made from google i agree half of this is not correct.

        • snacks 3 months ago Reply

          Wrong. Google didn’t make YouTube, Google bought YouTube.

  • Konstantinos 5 months ago Reply

    I just started my youtube channel on 11/11/15 and what should i do to make my subscribers grow and along with the views, on one video i have 1,000+ views and it doesn’t show any $$.

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 5 months ago Reply

      Great YouTubers post daily, promote their channel like crazy on other channels like Twitter, and partner with other YouTubers to cross-promote each others’ content.

  • Kimiko 5 months ago Reply

    I’m also interested in creating a youtube channel (with one section dedicated to music, like piano and vocals; and another dedicated to sharing what I know about personal care — hair care specifically), but I’m not sure where to start. I know I want to do both, but I’m drawing a blank when it comes to how I want to represent those ideas to the general public.

    I would want to be uploading videos at least three to four times a week, if not daily.

  • Devin 5 months ago Reply

    Hi I’m in a wheelchair and I want to start a YouTube channel, but I don’t know what to do on it . Do you have any ideas for me?

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 5 months ago Reply

      Honestly whatever you’re passionate about. If you make content that the viewers can tell you’re genuinely interested in, they will keep coming back. Since this answer is pretty generic and you’re really fishing for ideas, the top YouTube category is gaming.

  • Jim C 5 months ago Reply

    I’m not going to go into details, but every sentence I just read in this article is not even remotely accurate! Youtubers make nowhere NEAR $18 per 1,000 views. What in the heck, where did this information come from, a dart board? *Twang* this is how much!

  • AHMAD 5 months ago Reply

    I STARTED MY CHANNEL 3 MONTHS AGO ( VIDEO GAMES ) I Believe that if you upload more , you will get more and more views and subs , i got 293 subs in my first 3 months , upload more video you get more subs and more viewers

    good luck

    • Tyler Wills 5 months ago Reply

      Ive done YouTube for a year and only got 129…

  • Anonymous 5 months ago Reply

    I want to make a youtube channel though I don’t know what I would do in it as well as I probably would only be able to upload once or twice a week.

  • Tyler Wills 5 months ago Reply

    Hey, I’ve been doing YouTube for over a year and only get 10-20 views per video. To earn money my parents think it’s a waste of time because no body watches… can I prove that I can make money and how do I get more views

  • sky 5 months ago Reply

    say i wanted to become a youtuber would it be a better option to find a person who is a content marketer or should i do it myself and publish videos without anyone help?

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 5 months ago Reply

      It depends on how good of content you can make. I’d say take a stab at it yourself first, and if it fails then get a content marketer.

    • Willywonka 4 months ago Reply

      I think prostitution or selling your kidneys is more remunerative.

  • sky 5 months ago Reply

    i have this guy that wants to be a youtuber as well would it be better to have one channel or two seperate channels

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 5 months ago Reply

      Unless the channels are dramatically different with different audiences, you should just have one channel.

  • Imdad hussain 5 months ago Reply

    i have no website.can i make money no youtube?

  • Louise Fourie 5 months ago Reply

    We are new to Vlogging and wondered how competitive the family vlogging sector is? Must we pay to have our channel featured on another family’s channel or can one simply ask them?

  • Swaggernaut 65 5 months ago Reply

    How much time it will take my channel to reach from zero to 1000 views if i upload gaming videos daily

    • Jason Alleger
      Jason Alleger 5 months ago Reply

      I’m sorry to say that it depends, but it completely depends on the quality of your videos, how you title them, and what you do outside of YouTube (e.g. start a Twitter handle to promote your content) and a little bit of luck. For most people they’ll never hit even 1,000 views.

  • sourav 4 months ago Reply

    hii sir, could u please tell me that how subscribes helps us to make more money

  • Carson 4 months ago Reply

    Hey i want to start a youtube channel but i need help. My parents and siblings don’t support me and i am only 14 and i need a channel name pls help. I would appreciate it.

  • Armin 4 months ago Reply

    Im a big youtuber in Denmark but not in the world ( 210k subs ) i make vids of gaming and real life vids and my tips if you want to be youtuber is 1: Upload a lot ( like 3 – 4 times a week ) you can stop recording in a week but you will lose subs so…

    2: make vids gaming but play popular games like: Minecraft, CSGO, GTA 5 Online

    3: you can make giveaways where you have to sub before entering (I dont do that but i heart that it work)

    4: Make real life vids. Try to make them funny so people laugh and share them with their friends

    5: Do not put ads when ur just started. Put them in when you have around 100 subs.

    6: use the most of your time on youtube and answer the questions your subsribers ask 😉

  • Megan 4 months ago Reply

    I’ve seen Pewdipie’s videos and how much that guy gets paid is a joke! He does the same thing always- so why does he get paid so much? I’ve seen other YouTubers who deserved more views than him.

  • Shawn 4 months ago Reply

    How much money does Captainsparklez make a year?

  • Laura 2 months ago Reply

    The most successful youtuber in my niche uploads about twice a week.

  • Nazila 2 months ago Reply

    Hey, i was wondering what kind op app youtubers use to edit their videos. Anyone got an answer? Love to hear.


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