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Contributed by Jane Putnam

I know, the thought of adding another “to do” to your ever-growing list seems a little overwhelming, but trust me, this is a worthwhile item to add to your list. Professional development is a great opportunity to learn from other experts in your field, strengthen your skills, grow your area of expertise and network—all four, crucial things to developing your career.

So, how do you get involved? The communications industry is chalk-full of opportunities for professional development, including local, regional, national and international. Some of these include, and are worth checking out for networking events, conferences and luncheons:

In addition to these groups, consider taking advantage of conferences and webinars hosted by other professional communication companies, such as Ragan and PRSA.

The opportunities don’t stop there! Social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, are great places to seek out listings of events as well as forums and online conversations about the field, what we do, tips, etc. Some of those I’ve found to be helpful include:

The lists and opportunities can go on and on. Tell us, what are your favorite professional development opportunities? Where have you learned or gained the most? Let us know in the comments.

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