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The Total Stylus Breakdown, or “What stylus should I get?”

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In case you haven’t existed in the last decade, let me fill you in on the current technological landscape: Touch screens. Touch screens are everywhere. Realistically though, not only do 80% of people between ages 18 and 50 have touch screen phones in their pockets, but over 50% of American households own at least one larger touch screen, like a tablet. While some people might think that this over-saturation of Read More…


How Using the Word ‘Damn’ Can Improve Your Writing


Is the student ‘very interested’ or ‘fascinated’? Do you prefer being described as ‘very smart’ or ‘brilliant’? Is the celebrity ‘very attractive’ or ‘pulchritudinous‘? Don’t worry, I had to look it up too. But I wanted to prove a point. This point: The English language holds a flood of wildy descriptive words, ripe for the choosing. Nothing should be ‘very scary’ when there’s ‘alarming’, ‘chilling’, ‘horrifying’, ‘spine-curling’, ‘hair raising’, ‘bloodcurdling’ Read More…


Snapchat for Brands


As I write this, I can confidentially say that 10 of my closest friends are snapping at work, on vacation, or while at home drinking coffee at their kitchen table. Content marketing is evolving at the fastest clip ever as tailored messages turn to personalized video, capturing all of the moments in our daily lives. Snapchat is at the center of video sharing, with millions of snaps happening every day Read More…


Penna Powers #1 Agency Website in Utah


We wanted to thank our website visitors for making us the #1 agency website in Utah in terms of unique visitors and pageviews. (source: is currently ranked as the 180,589th site in the world, averaging over 50,000 visitors per month. Our website visitors love our blog and capabilities pages, and we actively work to optimize our site and provide meaningful content. Penna Powers applies the same principles of Read More…


We’re one of the top Nevada ad agencies. So, why haven’t you heard of us?


Sure, the name Penna Powers may leave you scratching your head, but we’re pretty confident you’ve seen our work. And isn’t that what’s important? We believe so. That’s why we put our efforts into gaining recognition for our clients—and why we’re one of the top ad agencies in the Nevada Book of Lists. Admittedly, we are somewhat new to Nevada. But we’ve been building brands in Utah for over 30 years, so we’ve come Read More…


Penna Powers Picks: Best Movies of 2015


We knew 2015 was going to be an embarrassment of riches for movies. It’s pretty telling that the goods were still great even when one of the most hotly anticipated films turned out to be a thunderous dud (sorry, Avengers: Age of Ultron fans, you know it’s true). So if you couldn’t find anything to your tastes at either the local multiplex or art house theater, than maybe it’s time for Read More…


Winning Gold at 28th Annual PR Awards


From caring for our air and helping reduce driving fatalities, to making the most of holiday celebrations with Utah’s premier grocer, Penna Powers in partnership with our clients won first place Golden Spike awards for the following communications: Harmons summer print ad (print display) UCAIR digital boards (outdoor) Zero Fatalities Utah “Law to Save Lives” (public service/advocacy) Zero Fatalities Utah Bicycle Safety video (video) Zero Fatalities Utah Chalkboard Illustrations (print Read More…


We’re Growing Again—Meet our new Social Media Coordinator


Hailing originally from far-off Park City, Samantha Martin joined our social team last month. We knew we liked her when we learned that she could live on pizza, cheeseburgers and milkshakes. She could entertain us too as she plays the guitar, mandolin and ukulele. From an early age, social media has been in her blood. She shared that in 2nd grade, she was the culprit of holding up a school Read More…


Why Sales Reps Should Stop Selling (with Examples of Bad Sales Emails)


Working as a media planner gives me the opportunity to interface with a lot of sales reps. Their titles vary from account managers, business development executives, marketing specialists, or sales managers, but they all share the same central role – to get people to use their company’s services. Media planners act as giant filters. They are tasked with analyzing all of the opportunities available and fitting them into a client’s Read More…


How to be More Creative


What does it mean to be creative? Is there an undeniable logic that governs all creativity? Or have we assigned so many different definitions to the word that now it means almost nothing? I’ve heard that everything worth doing has already been done. If so, what is there left to create? Can we be more creative? Perhaps creativity is dead. The truth (if there is any to be found) is that creativity is actually thriving. Read More…