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Getting to Know the P2 Newbies


Give a high-five to the five newest newbies of Penna Powers! As Program Manager for the Utah Cancer Control Program AND Zero Fatalities Nevada, Marsha Boam has become Penna Powers’ resident workhorse. When she isn’t in her office, she spends most of her time outside, whether it’s hiking, camping, paddle boarding, floating the river or eating on a patio. But Winter is Coming… Becka Kanell joined us as Program Manager for Zero Read More…


Penna Powers: Caring with The United Way


A few weeks ago, Penna Powers teamed up for the second year in a row with the United Way for its Day of Caring. This was the United Way’s 24th year holding the event, which had 120 companies and over 4,000 volunteers donate 15,735 hours of service. The Penna Powers team partnered with East Midvale Elementary School for three different tasks in preparation of Back to School night that evening. A Read More…


Penna Powers Named Agency for Utah Cancer Control Program


The Utah Department of Health (UDOH) has selected Penna Powers as its new agency of record for its Utah Cancer Control Program. The five-year contract coincides with the release of the UDOH and Utah Cancer Action Network’s Utah Comprehensive Cancer Prevention and Control Plan, “the largest formal effort to address the burden of cancer in the state of Utah,” according to Lynette Phillips, program manager for the UDOH Cancer Control Program. The review committee commented that one Read More…


Penna Powers Takes Gold at the Salt Lake Corporate Games

salt lake corporate games gold

The Salt Lake Corporate Games is an annual event where companies across Utah gather to compete in various sports, games and activities. While the competition is friendly, top performing teams are recognized and awarded with medals (gold, silver or bronze). Larger companies even compete against each other across all competitions to win the coveted “Corporate Cup.”  Penna Powers’ past pursuit earned us a bronze medal. This year, our daring and dauntless team Read More…


How to Make a Meme


Meme (mēm): a cultural item in the form of an image, video, phrase, etc., that is spread via the Internet and often altered in a creative or humorous way. If you want to make a meme that’s more compelling for your audience, dig a little deeper and widen your perception of what a “meme” can be. While this format spreads like wildfire, a little variability will go a long way. When you make a meme, make sure you are keeping up with popular culture and the changing trends. If you can create a video or image Read More…


Audio Streaming vs. Traditional Radio: Who’s Listening?


Agency note: We tasked our summer media intern with this very important question. Here’s what he found: In a previous article, I went over video streaming and TV watching. This showed that it’s typical to either stream or watch TV, but not to do both. But as you will discover, radio is different. Streaming platforms we’ll be exploring: Who are the audio streamers in the Salt Lake market? Pandora skews slightly Read More…


On the Road to Outreach-ing Zero Fatalities


Fueled by a lifetime supply of Red Vines coupled with the fortitude to survive the Arctic Tundra of our air conditioning, we welcome our two newest additions to the Zero Fatalities Social Change Outreach team. Find out a little bit more about Kylie and Nat’s antics in the ‘Girls’ Corner’ of P2… Kylie Christensen came to us from Saint George, Utah, and travels from school to school teaching and encouraging Read More…


What is Google Search Console and Why Should You Use it?


What is Google Search Console? Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console is one of Google’s latest creations that can help you manage and optimize your website. While it is similar in many ways to Google Analytics, Google Search Console is unique in that it focuses primarily on your website’s organic search rankings. Not only is it completely free (much like Google Analytics), but it offers a wealth of information that Read More…


Decorated With A Dozen Telly Awards for Videos


From reducing fatalities on our roadways, to helping people find affordable healthcare plans, to sharing the storied tales of Sundance Mountain Resort, Penna Powers in partnership with our clients was honored with 12 awards from the international Telly Awards. The winning videos: UTAH DEPARTMENT OF WILDLIFE RESOURCES – Ernie Perkins HARMONS – Main Dish IOWA DOT ZERO FATALITIES – The Road to Zero SILVERSTATE HEALTH INSURANCE EXCHANGE Nevada Health Link Read More…


Godzilla Returns to American Cinema


Twelve years ago, Toho Co., Ltd. released “Godzilla: Final Wars” in Japan. This was the 28th film in the Godzilla series. At the movies’ conclusion, it was unclear if there would be another Godzilla movie ever made again. Amid rumors and false hopes, fans all around the world sat quietly waiting for the King of Monsters to return to the screen. Then, in 2014, Legendary released “Godzilla” to largely positive reviews. Maybe it Read More…