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4 Digital Marketing Tips From Cats


Cats are certainly not new to the online world. They have been jumping, sleeping and chasing their way around, making us smile since almost the beginning. After the huge upward swing in cat trends over the last few years, there were rumors that it would soon die out, but that has yet to happen. What is it that keeps them going, why do we continuously seek out cat videos, memes Read More…


Five Website Examples That Will Change Your Digital Strategy Forever


One thing we consistently hear from our clients is their desire to tell their company’s story. We’re not talking about making sure every customer knows a company’s history or when it was founded. But rather the story of what they stand for or are trying to accomplish with their product or cause. If you look around the web, however, it’s easy to see many international, large-budget companies that aren’t doing Read More…


LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: Tips to Avoid Foot-in-Mouth Moments


Responding to media inquiries is a delicate process, and without preparation and practice it can be a game of life and death. Okay that may be a little dramatic, but rather than make mistakes, let’s take a lesson from some recent highly publicized PR disasters and save ourselves the crisis. 1. Always Think Before You Speak In a media interview, no matter the format, expect to get a question from left Read More…


Ad Highlight: Smiling Faces


Relay Utah is an organization that helps the hard of hearing stay connected with the ones they love. Recently Penna Powers and Relay Utah decided to add a new TV spot to freshen up the existing mix. By showing the smiling faces of loved ones, we were able create a fun and relatable ad that encourages those with hearing loss to apply for a free phone from Relay Utah.  


This Valentine’s, Give Your Fans Something Special


No, I’m not talking about flowers and chocolates, and I’m not talking about some elaborate marketing scheme. Rather, this short post is meant to provide one simple piece of food for thought. Your customers are going to be inundated with all kinds of marketing gimmicks and goodies this Valentine’s day, so it might not hurt to take a step back and give your followers something a little different: Some appreciation. Read More…


Penna Powers’ Top Clients


Penna Powers has many wonderful clients. It’s no secret that all of our clients are treated as our top ones. Want to make our list next year? Just contact Chuck Penna to have us start helping you with your communications needs.


Meet the Newest Members on the Penna Powers Team


Now that all of the hustle and bustle from the holidays and new year has settled down, we thought we would take a second to introduce you to the newest additions to the Penna Powers family!  Katie Marble joined us back in October as one of our outreach coordinators for the Zero Fatalities Utah program. When she’s not at work, you may find her doing anything outdoors (biking, boating, skiing, etc.) or Read More…


Super Bowl XLIX: Who Advertised It Best


I’m sure, at some point, you’ve seen a celebrity magazine with a “who wore it best” page (don’t be ashamed). It’s the one that shows famous people, side-by-side, modeling the same dress or outfit and discusses how one pulled it off better than the other. This came to mind during the Super Bowl XLIX where I noticed a lot of ads “wearing the same dress.” Here are my picks for who advertised Read More…


How to Build Better Relationships with Millennial Employees


First you must know, I am a Millennial. Born in the 80’s, I grew up starstruck with NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys. My childhood TV had well over 13 channels. I carried a T-Mobile flip phone to high school, and wrote research papers that referenced articles found on the Internet. Why do I tell you this? To provide perspective. Many have called my generation “overeducated,” “entitled” and even “narcissistic”. While Read More…


10 Marketing New Year’s Resolutions to Boost Your Business


With the New Year comes the opportunity to evaluate the past and plan for the future. Let’s face it, setting too many goals can be overwhelming. So you might not want to tackle all of the ideas here at once. But if you want to improve your bottom line and boost your business, choose as many of these goals as you can handle in 2015. 1. Make your content more Read More…