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Where to Find Excessive Amounts of Free Utah Data


There is so much data out there. We need to use it when we’re making decisions about the future. This is how Pamela Perlich, Ph.D. and senior research economist for the Bureau of Economic and Business Research at the University of Utah, recently began to unfold a demographic transformation in Utah in the form of data mainly from the 1960s to now. She showed how Utah has always had unique Read More…


Penna Powers has a New Corporate Wellness Coach


***Sonia Shearer is a guest blogger for us this month because who better to explain our corporate wellness program than the corporate trainer herself!*** If you are interested in taking care of your employees’ mental, physical and emotional health, so they work more efficiently and use less sick time, you may want to consider adding some corporate wellness coaching options to your employee perks.  Worksite health promotion and wellness is Read More…


Two Weeks in my Boss’ Office: Why an Open Office Concept Might Not be so Bad After All


Last month, new carpet was installed in my office space. So there I was, kicked out for two weeks, left to wander the hallways with no place to call my own. My boss, seeing me in despair, was kind enough to let me join her in her office. The fact that she was willing to let me encroach on her space for an undetermined amount of time, made me feel Read More…


How to Organize a Company Blog Team [Video]

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Are you creating a company blog team and don’t know where to start? Watch our video to find five key steps to get your company up and blogging in no time, including: 1. Select a team lead and get volunteers from all departments. 2. Choose a strategy – SEO, show company culture or prospecting new clients. 3. Have regular meetings to discuss statistics, plan and generate new ideas. 4. Set up quality control Read More…


4 Unique Ways to Get an Advertising Agency Internship

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Advertising agency internships are tough to get. Whether it’s an account management internship, designer internship or public relations internship, there will always be more applicants than openings. One important note – there’s a reason why there’s a surplus of applications. Ad agencies are fun places to work, fast-paced and generally cater to younger folks already. There are big budgets and the work is high-profile. What that means is the people Read More…


Newbies of Penna Powers


A whole lot of fun has joined the Penna Powers family as of late; let us introduce you to some of our newest employees. Katherine, Jordan and Calvin are the coolest of the bunch having all graduated from the University of Utah, while Collin just finished up at BYU (shakes head). Collin & Melinda are a part of our Zero Fatalities team while Anthony and Patty hang out in our Nevada Read More…


4 Unique & Fun Marketing Blogs Worth Checking Out

While the Penna Powers blog is great for keeping you up-to-date on what’s happening in the advertising world, we can’t cover every topic all of the time. When you’re looking for another place to glean some news, why not check out these blogs. FFFFOUND! FFFFOUND! is a fun little blog that features interesting and unique images to inspire creative and innovative thinking. Viewers can also register their own username and Read More…


Instagram Advertising and Costs


Opportunity One year ago Instagram introduced native advertising in the United States utilizing promoted photos and videos from major brands introducing a new multibillion dollar advertising business. Thus far ads have been creative and engaging emphasizing audience storytelling. The advertising program has seen an increase in brand awareness, cross platform lift and traffic for many of its early partners, particularly the retail companies involved in the program. Due to its Read More…


Flash Banner Ads Going Away on September 1, 2015

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Flash banner ads will be disappearing soon. As of September 1, 2015 Flash ads in the Google Chrome browser will no longer have automatic animation and will become click-to-play. This is the first domino to fall and many other browsers are following suit. In fact, Firefox is working on a similar project. This has large implications for marketers. Currently Chrome accounts for 48% of all web traffic. Here is the Read More…


How to Create and Send a Google Form in 10 Easy Steps


Need an easy way to collect and share data?… Google Drive can help with that, and it’s FREE. Whether you poll coworkers on their tech needs, or provide a client with a tool to promote an important message, Google surveys can be used on various levels and I promise you don’t have to be a computer whiz to succeed. Still not catching the vision? Let me give a few more Read More…