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The News Release, R.I.P.?


The news release is dead. This declaration has been made for a few years, but is it really? Maybe we shouldn’t kill the tool, they can still be very effective—however, a quick demise should be brought about to the misuse of the news release. For example: Overuse – Aka the release a week syndrome. Really? Misapplication – Sending out information under the guise of “news” that is not urgent or Read More…


What Does SEO Mean?


It seems like every other day a new buzzword is created. With so many different words that can mean practically anything, it’s no wonder that the term “SEO” hasn’t worked its way into the collective conscious. According to Wikipedia, SEO (or search engine optimization) is “the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results – often referred to as ‘natural’, ‘organic’ or Read More…


How to Talk to a Web Developer

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The world of website development is riddled with terms that have become buzzwords. Not only does this mean these words are used incorrectly, but they often lose their actual purpose – to help your next web project run more smoothly. When it comes to making your website, it’s important to communicate clearly with everyone on the team. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place on the web you could Read More…


Creative Campaigns Wash Over Regional Flood Control District


Billboards aren’t becoming obsolete; they’re just evolving. Take the Clark County Regional Flood Control District in Las Vegas, one of the most progressive public agencies when it comes to advertising. Developing new ways to grab drivers’ attention to convince them that driving through fast-moving muddy flood waters is extremely dangerous is a top priority for the Flood Control District. The approach: electronic digital weather billboards. These billboards, placed in areas Read More…


Who’s Up for the Challenge?


Summer has finally arrived and with that comes one of our favorite annual competitions around the valley. The Clear the Air Challenge, sponsored by UDOT’s TravelWise, the Utah Clean Air Partnership and the Salt Lake Chamber, is centered around the goal of helping people drive less during the month of July. Individuals and teams in the area are encouraged to travel smarter using any of the eight TravelWise Strategies: Carpooling Active transportation (biking, walking, etc.) Read More…


From the #P2Soci@lDesk: Twitter Joins the Mobile Ads Manager Party


Twitter finally joined Facebook in launching a mobile advertising dashboard within its mobile application on iOS and Android. The addition of this new dashboard comes as no surprise, in Twitter’s last earning call it reported 89% of total revenue came from mobile advertising. This matches the overall trend of social and digital advertising shifting from desktop to exclusively mobile. We spotted the new button while tweeting out of our Penna Powers account via an iPhone Read More…


How to Calculate Combined Reach and Frequency Across Media

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Marketers need to be more accountable than ever. If you have ever run a mix of television, radio, outdoor, print, online or social ads, you have probably been asked the question of what its impact was. Each channel has a different measurement system, so to calculate the combined reach and frequency across all channels can be difficult. But don’t worry, here’s the formula to help! Calculation for Combined Reach and Read More…


7 Qualities of Great Salespeople

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says, 1 in 9  Americans work in sales. And as Daniel Pink pointed out in his 2013 book To Sell is Human so do the other eight. We are all selling in some form or fashion regardless of our profession whether it be a product, an idea or a pitch to your husband to spend your next vacation at Sundance Mountain Resort instead of yet another cruise. Read More…


Our Very Own “MacGyver” Celebrates 10 Years


Manning’s personalized 10th anniversary poster We recently celebrated the tenth year of having the talented Jon Manning on our Penna Powers team. Jon, or “Manning” as we call him around the office is our Senior Web Developer. In fact, Manning is one of the original members of our very first interactive team in the agency. For each anniversary we celebrate in the agency, we like to center the theme around Read More…


3 Videos That Could Save Your Life This Summer

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The Fourth of July is right around the corner, which means fun in the sun, boating, picnics and watching fireworks with friends and family. But did you know it’s also the most dangerous holiday to be on or near a road? *2014 roadway related fatalities What makes the Fourth of July so dangerous? There really isn’t a definitive answer other than people continue to drive unbuckled, distracted, aggressive, impaired and Read More…