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Our Campaign of Caring with United Way

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Just a few blocks from Penna Powers at the Granite School District Complex is the highest achieving preschool in the state; free for all children in South Salt Lake. Woodrow Wilson Elementary, in the same building, has a well-organized reading program where volunteers read with their assigned student twice a week. This program is meant to help kids read at their grade-level by third grade and the school is always Read More…


The 7 Top Sporting Events in Utah by Attendance and Viewership


Have you ever wondered what the largest sporting events in Utah are? We’ve compiled two lists – one for the most attended sporting events in Utah and another for the most watched TV sports programs in Utah. We use these lists to evaluate sports sponsorships and to buy TV packages in general. 7 Most Attended Sporting Events in Utah Utah Jazz – 19.8% of all Utahns reported attending a game in Read More…


Top 10 Tech Words That Have Found a Place in Our Daily Language


There are a lot of words in the English language, but even the thickest of dictionaries doesn’t contain all of the words we need to describe the ever changing technological landscape. So what do we do? Make up new words of course! Here are the top 10 words that have been added to the English language due to technological advancements in recent history. 1. Clickbait I wrote a blog post with Read More…


Penna Powers Named This Year’s Salt Lake Chamber Corporate Partner


We often are sharing the good news with our clients of awards won on their behalf, so it was especially nice to get the news that we were being honored. Penna Powers was awarded the 2015 Salt Lake Chamber Corporate Partner of the Year this week. The recognition was earned for its extra-mile efforts supporting the public policy initiatives of the Chamber, especially as they pertain to the Salt Lake Read More…


How Much Do Ads on Instagram Cost?


One month after Instagram opened advertising to small and mid-size agencies Penna Powers had the opportunity to launch test campaigns for both sponsored posts and videos. These campaigns tested various demographics in the non-profit/government and retail verticals. Both tests allowed us to successfully engage the designated audiences, driving website clicks, brand awareness and engagements. But most importantly, the campaigns provided Instagram advertising metrics for us to share with the world. Read More…


A Parent’s Guide to Smart Teen Driving


Three statistics every Utahn parent should know: In Utah, a teen driver crash occurs every 48 minutes. Over 90 percent of teen crashes happen in the first few months of receiving a driver license. Per mile driven, drivers ages 16-19 are nearly three times more likely to be in a fatal crash than drivers ages 20 and older. The good news: Involved parents who set rules and monitor their teen’s Read More…


Where to Find Excessive Amounts of Free Utah Data


There is so much data out there. We need to use it when we’re making decisions about the future. This is how Pamela Perlich, Ph.D. and senior research economist for the Bureau of Economic and Business Research at the University of Utah, recently began to unfold a demographic transformation in Utah in the form of data mainly from the 1960s to now. She showed how Utah has always had unique Read More…


Penna Powers has a New Corporate Wellness Coach


***Sonia Shearer is a guest blogger for us this month because who better to explain our corporate wellness program than the corporate trainer herself!*** If you are interested in taking care of your employees’ mental, physical and emotional health, so they work more efficiently and use less sick time, you may want to consider adding some corporate wellness coaching options to your employee perks.  Worksite health promotion and wellness is Read More…


Two Weeks in my Boss’ Office: Why an Open Office Concept Might Not be so Bad After All


Last month, new carpet was installed in my office space. So there I was, kicked out for two weeks, left to wander the hallways with no place to call my own. My boss, seeing me in despair, was kind enough to let me join her in her office. The fact that she was willing to let me encroach on her space for an undetermined amount of time, made me feel Read More…


How to Organize a Company Blog Team [Video]

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Are you creating a company blog team and don’t know where to start? Watch our video to find five key steps to get your company up and blogging in no time, including: 1. Select a team lead and get volunteers from all departments. 2. Choose a strategy – SEO, show company culture or prospecting new clients. 3. Have regular meetings to discuss statistics, plan and generate new ideas. 4. Set up quality control Read More…