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The Latest on How Teens Use Social Media and Tech

Teens 800

We’ve all heard opinions from fad-obsessed teenagers about what social media is hot at the moment and what is losing appeal but now we have the chance to see how their comments stand against a representative sample of teens throughout the U.S. Last month Pew Research Center released Teens, Social Media and Technology, a report on a national survey of 1,060 teens ages 13 to 17 and a parent or guardian. Here Read More…


Third Time’s a Charm: 2015 Red Rock Relay

Red Rock Relay

We did it again! Penna Powers headed back to Moab this last weekend for our third year at the Red Rock Relay! And this time, we had matching shirts. Our two teams this year were Unikitty and My Little Ponies and Bronies, but it was not all sparkles and rainbows during this 60 mile run over the La Sal Mountain Loop. We began our run with a perfect temperature and great Read More…


A Tour of the Las Vegas Office, in GIFs


Penna Powers has offices in two VERY different markets – Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. Salt Lake is known for its snowy mountains and religious people, whereas Las Vegas is notorious for its hot desert climate and is called Sin City. To showcase our Las Vegas office we’ve set up this guided tour. Enjoy! The Nevada office is surrounded by palm trees and waterfalls. And inside are some of the friendliest Read More…


Insights from a Reporter Turned PR Pro – My Journey to the ‘Dark Side’


I don’t know how many times my cohorts at the Las Vegas Review-Journal grumbled that I was headed to the dark side when I accepted a public relations position three years ago. The dark side? Is it really that bad? The dark side is a term used to describe public relations professionals because in many journalists’ minds PR folks are hired to be obstacles, to cover up corruption, to put Read More…


3 Things Video Games Can Teach Us About Motivation in Advertising


When my dad was a kid there were five different channels on the television and some mud out back. At least, that’s what he says were the most entertaining things for him to do over half a century ago. Now-a-days, we have millions of different games, videos, message boards and distractions that we can engage with to make a mundane Monday morning a little more exciting. In recent history, video games have really Read More…


5 Tips for Improving Your Workspace Overnight


A colleague of mine recently told me about her friend who has a strict workplace policy regarding office spaces: they cannot have any personal items at their desks. No family pictures, no personal items and basically nothing that might imply they have a life outside of work. It’s as if the management is saying, “When you’re at work, you have no life. WE are your life. Check it at the Read More…


Social Media: No Longer the Little Brother in Marketing Plans


Social media has come a long way from the days of needing a college email address to sign up for a Facebook account and using hashtags to search tweets. Social network sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are daily destinations for millions of consumers across multiple generations. Increasingly, new and exciting ad products are coming online offering hyper-targeting capability based on specific demographics, social connections, interests and behaviors. What can Read More…


Our All-Star Team Just Keeps Getting Better

Victoria George3

We thought it would be a great time to introduce you to Victoria George (we call her “V” around here), the Senior Advertising Account Manager at our Penna Powers office in Nevada. Victoria comes to us with nearly 25 years of diverse experience in marketing and advertising. Her perfect weekend would include rolling up to the beach in a BMW 2 Series convertible with a Diet Coke in the cup Read More…


Campfires: Great for Marshmallows and Devoted Customers


The tent is set, the cobbler is eaten, the stars are brighter and the fire is settling. You’re with friends, sitting back in a circle of camp chairs as the stories are getting funnier. This is the ideal setting for what branding consultant kCross calls the Campfire Effect. This environment of trust, reflection and connectedness is what they say every brand should compose for their customers. Why? Because people crave Read More…


Best 2015 April Fool’s Day Pranks by Companies


April Fool’s day has come a long way since the 1500′s. Not only does the general public use it as an excuse to play practical jokes on friends or strangers, but even brands have hopped on the bandwagon with the long standing tradition. Here’s a list of some of our favorite 2015 April Fool’s day pranks by companies. Some we wish were real, and some we’re glad are not. Domi-No-Driver Read More…