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What Does a Digital Media Planner Do?


You’ve hired an agency or you’re looking for a job, and want to know what a digital media planner does. I’m going to outline what a digital media planner is like and list their core functions within an ad agency. Personality. Digital media planners are usually more extroverted (as they work with a lot of media reps), detail-oriented and data geeks (if one is reading this article right now they’ve Read More…


How to Win the War for Attention


Right now, there’s a battle going on and you’re in it. When you’re promoting your product, service or cause, you’re in a battle–a battle for attention. Every day, we are pummeled with a constant barrage of advertising messages. And if you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re guilty of firing off some of those advertising messages, too. In this daily war for attention, do you want to go into battle Read More…


Delivering Smart Communication for 10 Years


Today was Wendy Hansen’s 10-year anniversary celebration at Penna Powers with no shortage of her Diet Coke drink of choice. Wendy started at the agency in 2005 working with Daybreak and has since spread her consistently smart communications magic to City Creek, Kennecott and Davis County to name a few. That aside, it’s been great working with her on a personal level. We’ve all appreciated her quick-witted humor, impressive diction Read More…


Anatomy of an Integrated Communication Campaign


TV, print, online, PR, face-to-face communication efforts – these are all great ways to promote your product, service or cause. However, you will have so much more of an impact when you combine them all together into an integrated communication campaign. Take the Zero Fatalities texting while driving message as an example. I saw a news story in March of 2009 about a young man in northern Utah who had Read More…


5 Ways to Answer Their Questions Before They Even Ask


It isn’t only in the public relations field that people try to predict public questions and how to respond to them. Most do this to prepare for a job interview, give a presentation to a potential client or delicately break some news to a loved one. This preparation shows others that you know what you’re talking about and reduces uneducated speculation and rumors. The same idea applies to communication campaigns and stakeholder outreach Read More…


How to Choose a Blogging Website


If you are going to start a blog, the first thing you need to decide is which blogging website or tool to use. There are a ton to choose from, but not all blogging tools are created equally. Each site has its perks, but which is best? So, here are four of our top picks to help you find the blogging tool that is best for you. WordPress is Read More…


5 Flirting Tips for Writing a Fantastic Facebook Post


Anyone who manages a social media page understands the delicate process of posting. To post, or not to post, that is often the question. And WHAT to post can truly make any sane person mad. Somewhere in the process of scheduling posts, creating content and finding stock photography, it’s easy to forget posting is meant to be easy and enjoyable. So today I give you five flirty tips to infuse Read More…


What Do Gold and Rice Have in Common?


Other than each being four letters, they are both prized by many cultures and this week prized by us too at the 27th Annual Golden Spike Awards. It was all accompanied by the fanfare of lots of applause, cheers and paparazzi-esque photos throughout the evening. A record 130 entries were submitted this year for the annual best practice award competition sponsored by the Greater Salt Lake and Utah Valley Public Read More…


Celebrating “20 Years of Class” with Stephanie Miller


This week at Penna Powers, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our very own Stephanie Miller. With the exception of the partners, she is the first employee to celebrate two decades with the agency. During her time at Penna Powers, Stephanie has consistently proven her excellence and professionalism. She started as an intern at Penna Powers in 1994. Today, she leads the public relations team and is a member of Read More…


5 Marketing Tips We Can Learn From Star Wars


Star Wars is part of a very special club. Few movies have captivated and amazed audiences around the world like the Star Wars movies have. Even fewer movies have spurred the creation of toys, games, and literature to the extent that Star Wars has. But what is Star Wars really? Stripped down to its most basic parts, Star Wars is essentially just six movies that chronicle a hero’s journey in Read More…