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How to Choose a Blogging Website


If you are going to start a blog, the first thing you need to decide is which blogging website or tool to use. There are a ton to choose from, but not all blogging tools are created equally. Each site has its perks, but which is best? So, here are four of our top picks to help you find the blogging tool that is best for you. WordPress is Read More…


5 Flirting Tips for Writing a Fantastic Facebook Post


Anyone who manages a social media page understands the delicate process of posting. To post, or not to post, that is often the question. And WHAT to post can truly make any sane person mad. Somewhere in the process of scheduling posts, creating content and finding stock photography, it’s easy to forget posting is meant to be easy and enjoyable. So today I give you five flirty tips to infuse Read More…


What Do Gold and Rice Have in Common?


Other than each being four letters, they are both prized by many cultures and this week prized by us too at the 27th Annual Golden Spike Awards. It was all accompanied by the fanfare of lots of applause, cheers and paparazzi-esque photos throughout the evening. A record 130 entries were submitted this year for the annual best practice award competition sponsored by the Greater Salt Lake and Utah Valley Public Read More…


Celebrating “20 Years of Class” with Stephanie Miller


This week at Penna Powers, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our very own Stephanie Miller. With the exception of the partners, she is the first employee to celebrate two decades with the agency. During her time at Penna Powers, Stephanie has consistently proven her excellence and professionalism. She started as an intern at Penna Powers in 1994. Today, she leads the public relations team and is a member of Read More…


5 Marketing Tips We Can Learn From Star Wars


Star Wars is part of a very special club. Few movies have captivated and amazed audiences around the world like the Star Wars movies have. Even fewer movies have spurred the creation of toys, games, and literature to the extent that Star Wars has. But what is Star Wars really? Stripped down to its most basic parts, Star Wars is essentially just six movies that chronicle a hero’s journey in Read More…


Creative Advertising: What the Past Can Teach Us


Since before the dawn of a career as a creative in advertising, people have been trying to figure out the best ways to sell products to their customers. The year 2014 is no different. Creative advertising has taken a lot of twists and turns over the past couple of decades, and sometimes it helps to reflect on where we have been to know where we will be in the future. Read More…


4 Ways to Get a ‘Yes’ from the C-Suite


Sometimes the most difficult part of strategic planning is getting buy off and approval from the C-suite and busy marketing directors so you can get going. As communicators, we understand and appreciate the heavy lifting of developing a comprehensive plan and need the target profiles, the messaging by audience and the calendared details for our day to day. But, while those 20-pages of prose and the color-coded calendars hit the Read More…


5 Ways to Make Friends with Your Deadline


Bow down because, at an ad agency, the deadline is king. You can either resent it or make friends. Making friends with your deadline builds innovation and creativity, calms stress, improves relationships with your team and makes for a better product. Here are a few ideas to help. Don’t Do It Overnight We’ve all heard that the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time so, Read More…


2014 Halloween Ad Picks


Halloween is the by far the most celebrated holiday at Penna Powers. During the month of October, there is a constant reel of scary movies playing in the basement and you are more likely than not, going to stumble upon daily Halloween costume brainstorming sessions. Since we are in the full Halloween spirit here at the office, why not take this opportunity to look at some of our favorite Halloween-themed Read More…


4 Free Digital Marketing Certifications You Should Have


Digital marketers have it tough. The industry is changing every day and often the most authoritative documents are whitepapers or Tweets. However, there are four certifications that are well worth the professional marketers’ time and gained expertise. Here they are, specifically ranked in order of importance. 1. Google Analytics Academy. Digital marketers need to measure the effectiveness of their efforts, and a proper understanding of Google Analytics empowers decision-making. Even Read More…