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Second Screen Done Right

Contributed by Jane Putnam

Second screen is here to stay, as Allison shared earlier this month. So, how can you make second screen work for your brand? Here’s a look at how some companies and brands have put the second screen to work for them, with great success.

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics 
In case you missed it, in February, we blogged about the major social media presence of the Sochi Olympic Games—read that post here.

NBC Olympics Second Screen
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NBC reported that slightly more than half of the people who watched the Sochi Olympics on NBC also used a computer, tablet or smart phone to get information about the games while the TV was on. NBC leveraged the second screen presence during the Sochi Games in a number of ways, including live-streaming on (paid subscription required) and a mobile app. Also interesting to note: of visits to Sochi apps, 77 percent were during primetime to the NBC Primetime Companion app (up from 66 percent for the London Summer Games two years earlier), according to Media Life MagazineHowever, even with these great numbers and success, NBC also noted that, relatively speaking, social media wasn’t as big a factor for the Olympics as they thought it would be. Social media and second screen presence has grown dramatically since even the 2008 Beijing Games, so I’m looking forward to see the increase in the 2014 Rio Games.

Expedia: “If You had a Chance to go Anywhere in the World but you Have to Leave Today, Would you go?”

In the second half of 2013, Expedia made a push for downloading its travel app, to drive mobile sales/trip bookings. As part of its push, Expedia ran TV ads that promoted a sweepstakes for anyone who downloaded the app. The prize? Well, it’s Expedia, after all, so the prize was tied to its core product offerings: a free trip!

Expedia’s campaign was the perfect opportunity to tie into the second screen, since it wanted you to use your smart phone or other mobile device to download the app, and viewers were incentivized with the opportunity to win a trip. The direct connection between the commercial (and overall campaign) and the call to action—download the app—make it a great example of the limitless opportunities available with second screen.

The Walking Dead‘s Story Sync Walking Dead
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There’s no doubt The Walking Dead is taking the airwaves by storm (especially with its 15.7 rating on the March season finale), and with a booming social media presence and lots of online chatter already, AMC created the “StorySync.” The StorySync is live during the season, and is a forum for fans and viewers (who are usually one in the same) to chat, take polls, answer trivia questions and watch exclusive videos. The next StorySync will go live this fall, when the show returns. The StorySync leverages the show’s major following and rounds them up in an environment, in addition to the TV screen, led by AMC.

What examples have you seen that rock second screen? Share them in the comments.

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