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Turning 30 this year, Penna Powers Brian Haynes (PPBH) advertising, public relations, digital and public involvement changed its name and logo. Starting September 22, the agency is now Penna Powers.

“Our rebrand is more than just semantics,” said Penna Powers founding partner and CEO Chuck Penna. “Communication is always changing, but the basis of successful communication, and building brands, has been and remains two-way conversation. The new mark captures that essence.

The logo, stylized dialogue boxes, represents this two-way conversation—the foundation for building successful brands. Together with partners Dave Smith and Mike Brian, Penna unveiled the agency’s new name and logo as part of its anniversary celebration.

“As a company, we have also had many evolutions over our 30 years, adding disciplines, capabilities and offices, but there has always been one constant – we have an innovative, hard working team that constantly looks ahead to deliver on the next big thing” said Penna Powers partner and COO Mike Brian. “We also want to recognize our tremendous client partners who allow us to do what we love, and we can’t wait to see what the next 30 years brings.”

“Communication also is the catalyst to anticipating the business needs of our clients,” said Penna Powers managing partner, Dave Smith. “Like gravity, digital is a powerful force influencing relationships, conversions and decisions. Integrating digital strategies and capabilities into our wheelhouse has jettisoned our ability to help our client partners achieve their communication and business goals.

A look back through three decades at fun facts about Penna Powers:

  • Our current office location on Major Street in Salt Lake City is the third home for Penna Powers. The agency also has an office in Las Vegas.
  • When Penna Powers first opened, there was only one employee. Today the agency has nearly 50 employees working in three states.
  • Penna Powers is the only agency in Utah to have been awarded three Silver Anvil Awards by the Public Relations Society of America. It has also been named “Best Places to Work For” by Utah Magazine twice and was honored as the Small Business of the Year by the Salt Lake Chamber.
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The milestone of reaching 30 can be viewed as a strength, or not, especially in an industry where staying on top of your game means consistently pushing the limits and successfully implementing the latest and greatest tactics. But we have always kept one eye on where we are today while having one eye looking forward to anticipate change and evolve our services to address business challenges and opportunities.

As the industry has changed over the last 3 decades, so have we. Penna Powers originally started as a creative shop in 1984 and as the needs of our clients grew, so did we. Through the years, we’ve added an account services team, a PR department, added digital capabilities, and most recently added a top-notch public involvement department.

You know us for what we do, but on the eve of our 30th anniversary, we also wanted to share some fun facts that you may not know:

  1. Penna Powers is our 7th name.
  2. Our current office location is the third home for Penna Powers. We were previously located in an old mansion downtown, followed by a space in the Kearns building.
  3. Only two local agencies have been in business longer.
  4. The average tenure of Penna Powers directors is 13 years.
  5. When Penna Powers first started, there was only one employee.

We have been through a lot of changes as an agency but some things remain the same—we have an innovative, hard working team that constantly looks ahead to deliver on what is coming next. And we have amazing client partners who allow us to do great work with them.

Thanks to all of you who have been a part of the journey building great brands for 30 years! And here’s to the next three decades.

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Vegas vs. SLC

With Las Vegas sitting only 420 miles to the south of our hometown Salt Lake, you might expect there to be at least a few similarities between these two isolated metropolitan cities of the west, right?

Turns out, I-15 may be the only thing these two cities share. Before Penna Powers turned 30 this year, we decided to do what any late-twenties scenester would do before hitting that milestone of second adulthood – we opened an office in Vegas, of course. To help understand both markets, we subscribe to local research data from Scarborough. Here are some interesting facts we found from the latest releases for the two markets.

  • Salt Lake loves its cats but Vegas rules with dogs.
  • Got a death wish, Vegas? 46% of Salt Lakers own life insurance while Vegas gambles with 36%.
  • More kids, more bread winning. Over 30% of Utah households have 5 or more people compared to Vegas’ 21%. 56% of Salt Lakers make $50k or more a year compared with 48% for Vegas. Vegas does have more one-percenters making over $250k a year, however.
  • Not surprisingly, Vegas is more diverse, with 26% claiming Hispanic or Latino origins compared to only 12% for Salt Lake. Vegas’ African-American population is just over 10% with Salt Lake barely over the 1% mark.
  • If you live in Vegas, you’re more likely to catch a movie in its opening weekend. But Salt Lakers are more avid movie-goers overall.
  • Vegas could be re-named the City of Selfies. 33% spend one or more hours a day on social media compared to 25% for Salt Lake.
  • But they’re not into Pinterest. Only 9% visit this site compared to 21% for Salt Lake.
  • Vegas is one of the top tweeting cities in the country. Salt Lake? Not so much.
  • With the dominance of KSL classifieds, Salt Lake often asks, “What is Craigslist?”. Only 10% use it compared to 27% for Vegas.
  • While Vegas is pretty young compared to the national average, Salt Lake keeps its place as the youngest state in the country.
  • Vegas is all about staying fit. 25% belong to a health or fitness club while only 20% do it in Salt Lake.
  • Although Vegas boasts no major sports organization, the sports books keep them plenty engaged. 45% watch sports programming on TV compared to 35% for Salt Lake.
  • Las Vegas loves the award shows. They beat Salt Lake in watching every show from the Oscars, MTV Movie Awards, National Dog Show to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.
  • Oh wait, Salt Lake did beat Vegas in watching the CMA awards AND Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve show.
  • DVR that, Vegas! Over 48% own a DVR device compared to only 39% for Salt Lake.
  • Salt Lake may need to borrow Vegas’ HBO Go password. 32% subscribe to premium cable channels compared to 19% for Salt Lake.

Next time you’re in either Salt Lake or Las Vegas, stop by and say hi. We’d love to talk more about what makes each city so interesting and unique. And about as similar as cats and dogs.

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30 Years of Change

If you don’t already know, this year we are celebrating our 30th anniversary here at PPBH. So of course, we’ve been doing some reminiscing on the changes that the last 3 decades have brought our industry.

From the introduction of social media which completely changed the way we work, to new design programs that took our art from paper and pencil to mouse and keyboard, we’ve experienced it all. Things can change a lot in 30 years and the communications industry is no exception. We are taking this month to look back at how the industry and PPBH have evolved through innovations that 30 years ago, we couldn’t have even imagined.

So keep your eyes out!


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