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PPBH Divided
Contributed by Britni Brozo

For 364 days of the year, PPBH is one solid team. But for one day out of the year there is a great divide. A divide that is like no other—a divide which exudes confidence and heckling from both sides, but can only end in one side cheering and leaving the other weeping.

What day is this you ask? Why it’s the mother of all college football games—University of Utah (U of U) versus Brigham Young University (BYU).

This year, the historic rivalry was riddled with yellow flag penalties, sacks and three-and-outs. Despite BYU’s tough defense and U of U’s lack of creativity in play calls (they ran it down the middle with little gain for what felt like every play), the U of U beat BYU—20 to 13.

Did the overwhelming PPBH team red support lead to this U of U victory? Or, was it the “fan of the game” Christie who wore a shirt with a spot on match to the U of U red in spite of her love for BYU. Christie was even caught passing out U of U cookies to the PPBH staff. In the end, PPBH team blue’s lack of alma mater support gravely affected the game outcome.


But to show that U of U fans care about more than just football, they’ve challenged BYU fans to a rivalry food drive. Maybe this is BYU’s opportunity to redeem themselves in face of such a solemn loss.

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Contributed by Jane Putnam

Pinterest, a popular pinboard-style photo-sharing website, announced this week its plans to launch paid advertising on the site in the form of Promoted Pins. The advertising method appears to be a combination, of sorts, of Facebook’s Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories and Twitter’s Promoted Tweets.

As an avid “pinner” myself, I found Pinterest CEO’s Ben Silbermann’s email to all Pinterest users open, honest and informative (this email was also posted on the company’s blog). According to Silbermann, the advertising, via Promoted Pins, will be:

  • Tasteful: No flashy banners or pop-up ads.
  • Transparent: We’ll always let you know if someone paid for what you see, or where you see it.
  • Relevant: These pins should be about stuff you’re actually interested in, like a delicious recipe, or a jacket that’s your style.
  • Improved based on your feedback: Keep letting us know what you think, and we’ll keep working to make things better.
Pinterest Blog

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Another interesting note from the announcement, likely of most interest to the actual advertisers, is that Pinterest won’t initially be charging for the Promoted Pins. Limiting its work to a few brands, Pinterest will launch Promoted Pins to “see how things go and, more than anything, hear what [users] think,” according to Silbermann’s email.

As both a Pinterest user and a social media marketer, I found myself nodding in agreement with AdAge’s coverage of the announcement, specifically this part of the article: “Pinterest may be less vulnerable to the perception that it’s become too commercial, since many of its users already visit the site with commercial intent, looking for wedding dresses or tablecloths they eventually intend to buy.”

A lot remains to be seen about the actual viability and execution of Promoted Pins, but I for one am excited. Pinterest’s commitment to keep the advertising targeted and subtle fits its current interface and will likely satisfy users (who in many cases use the site to seek out items to purchase) and advertisers.

What are your thoughts on Pinterest’s announcement?

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Stacy Johnson has officially joined the PPBH 5-Year Club!

Stacy started her career as a cosmetologist but went back to school to get her degree in community health education. A few years later, she started at PPBH as the Zero Fatalities Outreach Coordinator and now works as the Zero Fatalities Account Manager. Over her five years with PPBH, Stacy has worked with numerous schools, businesses and organization and given hundreds of presentations to help spread the safe driving message throughout the state of Utah. She is really truly passionate about her job and we couldn’t ask for a better colleague.

When she is in the field, Stacy teaches very serious lessons about safe driving. But when she’s in the office, you will never find her without a smile on her face. She smiles in the morning, she smiles after lunch, she smiles when she steals peanut M&Ms out of the conference rooms, she even smiles while she lugs heavy boxes up the stairs to her office every day (despite a knee injury).

We appreciate all of Stacy’s hard work, her positive attitude and the difference she makes. We are looking forward to the years ahead!

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Fall Dramas

Contibuted by Becki Letham

Last month, PPBH profiled the new season of comedies and made some predictions on which ones might last. This time we profile the upcoming dramas and can you believe it, we’ve picked not one CW drama, but two! We may be going out on a limb here, but why play it safe?


‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’ (ABC)
Premise: Agent Phil Coulson assembles a small, highly select group of agents from the worldwide law-enforcement organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D. Together they investigate the new, the strange, and the unknown across the globe, protecting the ordinary from the extraordinary.

Cast: Clark Gregg (“The Avengers”), Ming-Na Wen (“ER,” “Stargate Universe”), Brett Dalton (“Killing Lincoln”), Chloe Bennet (“Nashville”), Iain de Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge

Why it will make it – Because Joss Whedon’s involved and he seems to be on a roll lately.

‘The Blacklist’ (NBC)

Premise: A former government agent turned most wanted criminal turns himself into the FBI and offers to help catch a notorious terrorist — provided he only speaks to a profiler fresh out of the academy with whom he has no apparent connection.

Why it will make it – international intrigue, criminals and James Spader. My, he’s come a long way since Pretty in Pink.


 “The Tomorrow People” (The CW)

Premise: A remake of a cult 1970s British show about young people who have paranormal abilities, representing the next stage of human evolution. The group’s newest member has to choose between sticking by his new-found cohorts and the offer of a “normal” life from a secretive group dedicated to wiping out the Tomorrow People.
Cast: Robbie Amell (“Revenge”), Luke Mitchell, Peyton List (“Mad Men”), Aaron Yoo (“Disturbia,” “The Bedford Diaries”), Mark Pellegrino (“Supernatural,” “Lost”), Madeleine Mantock

Why it will be a hit – young people with paranormal abilities.  If the trailer is any indication, slick production, special effects and a similar premise to X-Men.


“The 100” (The CW)

Mid-season drama  (February)

Premise: Ninety-seven years after a nuclear holocaust on Earth, humanity’s only survivors live on a space station whose resources are dwindling. The station’s leaders secretly exile a group of 100 juvenile delinquents to see if the planet is habitable again.

Cast: Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco (“Person of Interest,” “Damages”), Thomas McDonell (“Suburgatory”), Eli Goree (“Emily Owens, M.D.”), Marie Avgeropoulos (“50/50”), Bob Morley, Kelly Hu (“Arrow”), Christopher Larkin, Devon Bostick (“Being Erica,” “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”) Isaiah Washington (“Grey¿s Anatomy”), Henry Ian Cusick (“Lost,” “Scandal”)

Why it will be a hit – unknown environment, unsupervised juveniles and unlimited story ideas.

So what dramas will you be watching? Let us know in the comments.  And remember, Comcast is previewing most of the new shows on its VOD platform in advance of their network season premieres, so check them out.

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Britni's 5-Year

Contributed by Patty Clark

Britni is no ordinary account manager. In fact, she’s no ordinary person. She’s full of laughs, weird stories and even crazier jokes. Whether it’s a strange comparison of pregnancies and RFPs or her obsession with bacon, you can be sure there will be some laughs when you’re with Britni.

That same energy and enthusiasm is what makes her a great account manager. She’s as passionate as our clients are about projects. Over the years, it hasn’t been unusual to find her in the office till late hours. When working with the creative team, she skips the impersonal email and sits down right by them to talk about issues and potential solutions. You usually know when she’s coming down the hall because her laugh is easily identifiable and contagious. Our clients love her enthusiasm and work ethic. In fact, one left this comment on a recent blog post:

“Over the years, it’s been a real pleasure for me to work with four of PPBH’s highly capable women account managers. Hats off to Allison, Chris, Vanessa and Britni. It’s been a pleasure working with each of you.” 

She’s also a mom, a wife and a friend. It’s easy to tell that she has passed on her happy temperament to her little guy, Harrison. So many people in the agency have stories of her in and out of the office because she’s a good friend, and hey, we like fun people. 

When we work on a 5-year poster for someone, we sometimes struggle to fill it with stories. On the contrary, so many people had stories of Britni, it was hard deciding what to cut out. Here’s to a person we can’t help but love.

Thanks for a great 5 years, Britni.

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4809_Chelsie_Hill_5K_FIN_728x90 3.49.48 PM

Contributed by Lora Stead

Four years ago, a family from West Valley City lost a daughter, a sister and a friend. Chelsie Hill was a beautiful 24-year-old who lost her life in a car crash because she wasn’t buckled up.

The Hill family and UDOT’s Zero Fatalities program have partnered to hold the Chelsie Hill 5k: Lace Up to Buckle Up, a Race to Remember Your Seat Belt, in hopes that other tragedies can be avoided.

Join us at the 5k to remember the people who lost their lives because they weren’t buckled and recognize those who were saved by their seat belt. If you would like to honor someone at the race who has a seat belt story, please contact Debbie Hill.

The event is on September 21 at 10 a.m. at Hunter High School. Registration costs $20 and all proceeds go to Primary Children’s Hospital. Visit the race website to register and the Facebook page for more information.

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Dave on a scouting trip with his brothers last year

Labor Day is the unofficial mark of summer coming to a close, but the end of one season means the beginning of another is on its way. That’s right, hunting season is on the horizon, which is great news for Managing Partner Dave Smith.

Dave has been hunting for as long as he can remember. While at the time he couldn’t use a gun until he was 16, he had already been on numerous hunts with his dad and brothers. It all started as a family thing, spending time together uninterrupted, and eventually turned into a passion for this Partner.

The four major factors that fuel Dave’s passion for hunting are:

  1. Dave loves the outdoors and it is an excuse to really, truly get outside, high in the mountains and deep in the canyons away from anything and everything. You get the feeling that you are somewhere that no one has been, or that you’re stepping back to a time before phones and computers and toilets.
  2. It is a way to connect and be with family. It is a family tradition and a great way to reconnect, spend time together and work together for a common pursuit. Dave has also started this tradition with his children. He said, “It all comes down to one question: What does your trophy look like? For a long time my trophy was finding the big buck, but now it’s creating memories, fun experiences and passing on the tradition to my family.”
  3. It makes you feel like you are connecting with your ancestral roots, the pioneers and outdoorsmen that lived on the wild frontier. Our lives are so comfortable and cushy and the old West is so interesting and exciting.
  4. The adrenaline rush of the hunt. The whole search and find of an animal is thrilling.

Dave has had many great hunting seasons. In the early 2000s, Dave had three back-to-back amazing seasons, from which, he now has great stories and three trophy bucks (one of which is displayed in his office here at PPBH). Despite his past success, Dave still hopes that one day he will draw a limited entry elk tag. He puts in for it every year and has helped others with their hunts, but has never gotten the tag himself. Even though Dave did not pull all of the tags he was hoping for this year, he still feels that this season will be just as good as the rest. “It will be great because I get to be out hunting and spending time with family and friends. An old hunting saying goes something like… as soon as you get an animal, the fun ends and the work begins. Harvesting is not the key to a successful hunt.”

What are the top five things Dave can’t live without on a hunting trip?

  1. One very specific shirt that he wears on every hunt
  2. A great set of binoculars, which he invested in a few years ago and that have been a real asset
  3. His spotting scope, which has found many animals and helped with many hunts
  4. His favorite hunting backpack
  5. Mountain money and a shovel (Google it)

    Dave Hunting1



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