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Contributed by Jane Putnam

If you’re like me, I used to literally shake my head every single time I saw a hashtag used in a Facebook post. Hashtags had no real functionality in Facebook, until recently. However, I can stop that headshaking now, and start using them where applicable in Facebook posts. Now, similar to other networks like Twitter, you can click a hashtag and bring up a feed of comments or posts using that hashtag. You can read Facebook’s official blog post about the rollout of hashtags here. The addition of hashtags is almost old news. The real news now, is how to use hashtags and make the most of them for your page.

The Real Winners
Brand pages will be among the ones to really benefit from the new hashtag functionality. Unlike individual profiles whose privacy settings can restrict who see posts and updates (thus limiting who can see the hashtag in search results), brand pages have no privacy restrictions, so their hashtags will be searchable by all users. According to, “Advertising will likely prove the real winner of the Facebook hashtag in the end,” and I agree with that.

Content and Relevancy Still Rule
Once again, content and relevancy rise to the forefront in importance. Use your hashtags to tie into conversations, hot topics or breaking news. Of course, make sure your content is relevant. If you have to force your way into the conversation or if use of a hashtag feels forced, bag it. Nobody likes that person who tries to throw in a witty comment in a conversation that makes no sense or doesn’t fit (You know, the time where you make a lame comment and everyone looks at you like, “who is he and why is he here?”). Beyond that, we’ve seen too many fails on Twitter with a brand trying to hitch their wagon to trending topic without double checking what and why it’s trending. Don’t be that brand or company. It’s a hard one to recover from.

Monitoring Help
You’re not on your own to figure out what’s trending and what’s relevant though. The hashtag functionality allows you to see who’s using what hashtag and how it is being used, so you know whether it’s relevant and appropriate to tie in. Additionally, this adds a new way to monitor Facebook. Take advantage of the searchability (is that even a word? It should be) of the hashtags to add another level of monitoring. The more you know and the more up to speed you are, the more your content and engagement will benefit.

Have you started using hashtags in your Facebook posts? Tell us in the comments.

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Contributed by Jane Putnam

First babies, then puppies, now cute cat pictures. Cat memes took the Internet by storm (and I personally still love them. Grumpy cat, anyone?). Now, meet the cats that our PPBHers adore.


This is our cat Jules. She sort of adopted us about a year ago, just in time to become the chief mouser at our new house (because we live in the country now). She lives outside and enjoys sleeping anywhere that wouldn’t seem like a traditional sleeping spot (such as on my sunroof, as pictured). She has four very committed caretakers in our four kids, and they often refer to her as the seventh member of the Smart family. – Justin Smart 

Pippa, Ringo and Grandma


This is Ringo. He is a snowshoe mix that I adopted from the humane society last July. Much like his musical counterpart, Ringo is a man of many talents. These talents include bird hunting, consuming extraordinary amounts of cat food, people watching and cuddling. He also enjoys ranch dressing, dirty socks and laying on electronics. I have always thought of myself as a dog person but Ringo is my best bud and I wouldn’t trade him for any dog in the world.


The last picture is of all 3 of our cats (it’s a lot I know). From left to right: Pippa, Ringo and Grandma. My roommate adopted Pippa two years ago from the humane society and another roommate adopted Grandma and didn’t want her when she moved, so now we have three cats. Who knew I would be a crazy cat lady at 24. – Alli Tocci


Dr. Jones and Big Moose


Meet Dr. Jones and Big Moose, pictured here having a cuddle fest at the expense of their owner, Tyson.


Dr. Jones enjoys playing board games with the Holtkamp family. – Tyson Holtkamp




Momo seems like a cute and cuddly feline companion, but in truth she is a ruthless hunter. She occasionally kills small pests, including flies, spiders and mosquitoes, and finds pleasure in stalking my dogs. Equipped with her trusty pink collar, she jingles her way around the house playing with her favorite toys, plastic wrappers. – Eugene Kim

Minnie and Big Fur


This is one of my kids, Minnie. The first picture is when I first brought her home at 8 weeks old.


She loves paper clips from my desk and “hides” them in her food dish. You can tell by the pictures she loves the office.


We call this one (above) “Big Fur.” She loves the blow dryer and has her fur done every morning. She also thinks she owns all the furniture in the house! – Becki Letham


Serena is the much loved and adored cat of the Stryker family.

Willis and Linus


We adopted Willis and Linus two years ago at the Pet Super Adoption in Salt Lake. They enjoyed their time in our kid-free household until baby Audrey joined our family last year. Though initially unsure of this “little human,” they quickly warmed up to her. However, since Audrey learned to grab and tug, Linus has been somewhat wary, but Willis, our cat who is more like a puppy, doesn’t seem to care one bit and actually enjoys the attention. – Jane Putnam

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Contributed by Jane Putnam

Meet David Royal, assistant media planner, and Eugene Kim, advertising account coordinator, PPBH’s newest team members.

David Royal, assistant media planner
Las Vegas native and soon-to-be BYU alum, David has a diverse media planning background, gaining experience working as an account executive at the Las Vegas Review Journal and as an account planner in BYU’s top-rated Adlab. Here, he worked on clients such as Adobe, L’Oreal, Intel and Mountain Star Hospitals.

Aside from his professional and education background, David is fluent in Spanish and is an Eagle Scout, reminding all of us at PPBH to do a good turn daily. If stranded on a desert island, David would most miss eating French toast. One thing that hasn’t changed since he was 12 years old is the Bugatti Veyron topping his list for most-desired car.

Eugene Kim, account coordinator
Eugene, our newest to join PPBH’s advertising department, is a recent graduate of the University of Utah in marketing. He previously worked at Advanced Gloves as marketing director and Fringe Media as a social media intern. At Advanced Gloves, Eugene managed direct mail, branding and digital marketing projects. Additionally, while a student at the University of Utah, Eugene served as vice president of the Next Generation Korean Americans club and as president of the Utah Collegiate Chapter of the American Marketing Association.

When he’s not at work, Eugene enjoys obstacle marathons, climbing and attempting (how he described it) to play the bass. Eugene would love to backpack through Europe one day, as well as own a 1969 Ford Mustang (think Gone in 60 Seconds). If he could meet one famous person—dead or living—it would be Teddy Roosevelt.


Join us in welcoming David and Eugene to the team in the comments section.

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Young couple driving a car

Contributed by Lora Stead

With the lasting presence of the sun—finally!—roads are dry, school is out and there is fun to be had. I’m all for enjoying a fabulous summer, so let’s not ruin the season by getting careless on our commute. Consider this: the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is coined the “100 Deadly Days of Summer.” The reason for the climb in traffic fatalities is not only due to increased traveling, but largely to a lowered sense of danger while on the roads.

Sure, it’s easy to slow down, stay alert and buckle up during Storm Gandolf, but what about on our way to the BBQ Bash O’ The Year with the windows down, our favorite tunes playing and Aunt Betty’s famous watermelon pie getting consumed by the minute? With the emergence of the sunshine, please don’t let your responsibility to be a safe road user evaporate.

33,000 people are dying nationwide every year in traffic crashes and these tragedies can be prevented. So let’s all live it up this summer by paying attention to the road, pulling over when drowsy, designating a sober driver, slowing down and buckling up.

For summer driving tips by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, check out their advisory and interactive resource.

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