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Our first blog post dates back to May 2011, and although this wasn’t the official launch date for the blog, we felt that this date called for celebration. It’s the blog’s 2nd birthday! We looked back at the last two years of blog posts and chose some PPBH favorites to share with everyone.

We had to start off with three of our most read blog posts:

How Much Do Ads on YouTube Cost?

How Much Do Ads on Google Cost?

How Much Do Ads on Facebook Cost?

These post were all written by one of our SEO gurus and together, they make up nearly one-fifth of our website’s total pageviews. Not to mention they have the most comments and have some of the highest average times on page. These posts have great content and great SEO.

PPBH Picks:

Whether it was PPBH’s Best Online Videos of 2012 or the 2011 top movies, books and music, we love sharing our top PPBH picks of the year. Marc Stryker has delivered several of these posts over the years. They are fun to read and give you a little insight too.  

Advice for Grads:

If you could go back in time, wouldn’t you tell your younger self a few things? We know we would. In “Advice for New Grads: What We Wish We Had Know“, PPBHers give some advice to new graduates in hopes that they will take it into the working world. Directors, partners and staff members from all disciplines explain the things they wish they knew when they graduated.  

Tebowing Works for Us:

You may remember that small Tebow fad from the 2011 – 2012 NFL season. Honestly, if you don’t, we may be a little worried about you. In this post we showed off our office Tebowing skills. It sounds silly, but out of all of our blog posts, this post comes in fifth for the most unique views.

5 Reasons We’re Excited to Open a Nevada Office:

In December of last year, Kyle Kubovchik helped us open our Nevada branch. It was an exciting step for our agency and our branch has been growing ever since. In this post, Nevada Director Kyle explains why we were so excited to head south.

Dear Partners, Thanks for the Advice:

In this post from August 2012, Julene Thompson shares some of the best advice she has gotten from the agency’s four partners Chuck, Dave, John and Mike. We feel lucky to be able to receive advice from professionals who have had so much success in this business. 

The partners have also written some amazing blog posts that provide great information from their years of experience.

Here are some of them:

Partner Perspective: What You Need to Know About 2013 Marketing Trends

Partner perspective: Old Brands, New Brands and What’s on the Horizon

Partner Perspective: The Relationship Game

Partner Perspective: Does Subliminal Advertising Work?

Puppies and Babies:

Patty Clark recently wrote a post about PPBH’s favorite dogs and it was an instant success. Her post was inspired by the March 2013 post “ Babies Everywhere”. We will never forget the PPBH baby boom of 2012-2013. It’s like Patty said, “puppies and babies sell” and we couldn’t agree more! We love looking at all the little cuties! (Stay tuned for the upcoming “Cute Cats of PPBH” post)

It has been a great two years and we are excited to see all of the great posts that our staff will contribute in the future.


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Content Creation

Contributed by Jane Putnam

Does the content on your brand’s or company’s social media channels speak to your audiences? We’ve preached against social media for social media’s sake (you know, having a Facebook brand page because everyone has a brand page), but if you’ve determined social media fits into your communication efforts and makes sense for your brand or company, then read on. Here are a few tips to create content, make the most of your content and make sure your content is right for your audiences.

Lacking content for your social media efforts? Repurpose and reuse existing content. Whether it’s from your website or other materials (think presentations, brochures, etc.), always look at it with an eye for repurposing. How else can you make that content work for you on social media? Could it be turned into a poll, fill-in-the-blank post or other?

Still stumped for content? Tie into observances and other timely events and build content around that. Earlier this week was Memorial Day. How could your brand or company tie that into your content? Looking ahead, we have Independence Day and Labor Day. You can even get more granular than that and look into industry- or market-specific observances.

Not sure of the best content for your channels? Experiment. In your daily content calendar, create different types of posts and see what posts perform best (you can measure this through free tools, such as Facebook’s page Insights, as well as through engagement—shares, likes, comments—on the post). If a post doesn’t perform well, take a close look at it and see if you can make some edits or modifications to that type of post to see if it performs better.

Social networks change often. Stay on top of trends. Whether it’s the interface or things like Edgerank, changes are happening often, and it’s your responsibility to stay on top of the changes so you can keep your channels up to date and make the most of changes with your content. Major social media networks have their own blogs (I’ve listed them below) where they discuss upgrades and changes. Online news sites report on these changes, so do your homework and stay up to speed on changes. Some of my favorite sites to read to stay informed are PR Daily and Mashable.

Twitter Blog

Facebook Blog

Flickr Blog

YouTube Blog

Content creation is an ongoing process. Stay tuned for more tips and ideas for strengthening your social media content in future blog posts.

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On May 11th, 12 brave souls from the PPBH team traveled south to Moab. Once there, they split up into two teams of six: Thor’s Angels and Sweet Spirits. Although they were running against each other, both teams had the same goal: Finish the Red Rock Relay without passing out or getting sick. 

The Day was off to a great start.

Dave was ready and excited.


Ali and Patty killed it on the first leg.



The Sweet Spirits, minus Ali’s husband Alan, were excited to show off their stripes after running the first three legs.

Kenny has jazz hands because his stripe is on his arm.

It all went down hill from there…metaphorically of course. In reality, it was pretty much up hill the entire way. There were unexpected hills, rowdy competitors and never ending stretches of road, but the team spirit kept us alive and going strong.

In these photos you will see 70 miles of struggle, drive, confusion, joy, exhaustion and pure athleticism.