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If $1,000 Were on the Table, Could You Answer These Trivia Questions?

What was my favorite part of our Penna Powers Christmas Party? Well let’s see: The food was fantastic (big shout out to Trio), Mike Brian’s jokes were in rare form, and the office “2014 Recap/Night Before Christmas” video was one for the books. However, the highlight happened when Dave Smith grabbed the mic and began spouting off the most bizarre “holiday” trivia, promising the winning table a cold $1,000 cash Read More…


What Does a Digital Media Planner Do?

You’ve hired an agency or you’re looking for a job, and want to know what a digital media planner does. I’m going to outline what a digital media planner is like and list their core functions within an ad agency. Personality. Digital media planners are usually more extroverted (as they work with a lot of media reps), detail-oriented and data geeks (if one is reading this article right now they’ve Read More…

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Penna Powers is a full-service marketing agency based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We bring our experience from New York and Chicago while offering Salt Lake prices. Our services include advertising, digital, branding, web design, media buying, PR, interactive and public involvement, to name a few disciplines. We’re a strategically driven creative agency that believes in solving marketing problems above all. So drop by or call our Salt Lake City office and see how our marketing firm can help your organization grow.