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Godzilla Returns to American Cinema

Twelve years ago, Toho Co., Ltd. released “Godzilla: Final Wars” in Japan. This was the 28th film in the Godzilla series. At the movies’ conclusion, it was unclear if there would be another Godzilla movie ever made again. Amid rumors and false hopes, fans all around the world sat quietly waiting for the King of Monsters to return to the screen. Then, in 2014, Legendary released “Godzilla” to largely positive reviews. Maybe it Read More…


Welcome to the Underground

Our P2 team is growing! Let us introduce you to the newbiest newbies in the Nerf gun wielding, Mountain Dew drinking Underground (the creative, web development and production departments located deep in the heart of Penna Powers’ basement). Alex Antonino swooped in from Seattle and saved the day as our much needed and heavily anticipated Traffic Manager. When she isn’t hiking a mountain, doing yoga, or cuddling with her dog binge-watching Read More…

About Us

Penna Powers is a full-service marketing agency based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We bring our experience from New York and Chicago while offering Salt Lake prices. Our services include advertising, digital, branding, web design, media buying, PR, interactive and public involvement, to name a few disciplines. We’re a strategically driven creative agency that believes in solving marketing problems above all. So drop by or call our Salt Lake City office and see how our marketing firm can help your organization grow.