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The Total Stylus Breakdown, or “What stylus should I get?”

In case you haven’t existed in the last decade, let me fill you in on the current technological landscape: Touch screens. Touch screens are everywhere. Realistically though, not only do 80% of people between ages 18 and 50 have touch screen phones in their pockets, but over 50% of American households own at least one larger touch screen, like a tablet. While some people might think that this over-saturation of Read More…


How Using the Word ‘Damn’ Can Improve Your Writing

Is the student ‘very interested’ or ‘fascinated’? Do you prefer being described as ‘very smart’ or ‘brilliant’? Is the celebrity ‘very attractive’ or ‘pulchritudinous‘? Don’t worry, I had to look it up too. But I wanted to prove a point. This point: The English language holds a flood of wildy descriptive words, ripe for the choosing. Nothing should be ‘very scary’ when there’s ‘alarming’, ‘chilling’, ‘horrifying’, ‘spine-curling’, ‘hair raising’, ‘bloodcurdling’ Read More…

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